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    Can India claim best disaster management with less cyclone deaths?

    Kudos to National and state Disaster management teams which has successfully evacuated 20 lakh people who are vulnerable to be affected by Yaas cyclone which battered the state recently and only 6 people dead. During the past cyclone storms there were no pre announcement from the weather office and the cyclone related deaths were more than 10,000. But the coordinated efforts between the state and center this time has proved that India has gained the world expertise of reducing the deaths during cyclone to nil. Any comment ?
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    Definitely, no doubt there has been a vast improvement in the status of deaths due to the cyclone Yaas, kudos to the Disaster management team taking quick and surreal decisions. But I still feel there is a lot of room for improvement. Not going to compare the strategies of our countries with that of other countries, because different countries have different levels of management process, different groups of people to tackle as well as different intensity of the calamity. But the improvement in our India is no doubt commendable. Last year Amphan hit the city of joy, and the impact of the same still is very thought provoking.
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    It is very nice to know that the disaster management teams worked well and resued many people. It is glad that the deaths are very minimum. There are experts and good administrators in India. But technically there are many requirements which are available to other advanced countries but not to our country. So if we can get those advanced technologies and tools required we can even control these property losses also by identifying the calamities well in advance.
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    The devastating cyclone was well predicted and people moved to safer places in time is the take of the matter.
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    It is good to know that concerned people of disaster management took timely decision to evacuate the areas prone to be badly affected and saved human casualties. Earthquakes, floods are the common natural calamities in our country, millions of rupees are spent on disaster management programme by our government. But still we are lacking in proper arrangement to face natural calamities. E.g. every year our country suffers big loss by floods. Japan is the most affected country to natural calamities- earthquakes, tsunamis are common. They are more advanced and well-equipped to face and curb natural calamities.

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