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    What should be the base of drinking water- Thirst or Need

    We all know the importance of water, even during the treatment of almost every disease, a doctor must suggest drinking more water, water proves to be helpful in keeping the body healthy, and that is why we should drink more and more water. But should the amount of water depend on, the thirst or need of the body?

    How much a person feels thirsty depends on his/her body. Then in such a situation, when thirst is felt then only drink water or one should decide the amount of water to be drunk in a day, and then have the water for the whole day and complete that target.

    Members, what do you think, should we really drink water even without thirst because it is an essential element, or will the body itself make us realize when the body needs water. Share your thoughts and experiences.
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    Need is the base for drinking water. When we are not able to satisfy the need of our body, at that time only thirst occur. It also vary from person to person. For example : If a person is working hard in a farm field by physical work then he should drink water from 4-5 litres per day. Suppose a person is working which doesn't require much physical work then he should drink water from 2 - 2 1/2 litres per day. So this is an example for your question. Therefore the answer is " Need should be the base for drinking water" according to the person's physical work

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    I feel, the body would trigger when it needs water, too much water is also harmful, so even when the body isn't demanding water, filling your body up with water just because it is suggested is not a good idea I guess. I myself try to drink at least 3-4 liters a day, and trust me my body itself demands for water , every hour. It has became a habit and hence the body itself makes me feel dehydrated and make me feel thirsty for water. Hence i feel Thirst is what makes me have water.
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    It is wrong to say that we should drink only water. It should be the liquid. It need not be plain water. We can have cool drinks, hot drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices etc. If a person takes five cups of tea/coffee (early morning 1, after breakfast 1, tea break 1, with evening snacks 1, after dinner 1) two or three glasses of fruit juices, water before and after every meal (6 glasses), is sufficient enough to remain healthy.

    So, the base is not thirsty, but a must to add liquid to our body.

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    I feel when there is a need for water in the body we will be thirsty. Thirst is the need indicator. So I always feel that we should take water when we feel thirsty only.
    But doctors advise us to take water and sometimes they will specify the quantity also. When a doctor says we all should follow. So we all will try to complete the quota irrespective of the need.
    My grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor. He read many Ayurvedic books and he was very well versed in Ayurveda. I had a discussion with him on this subject. He used to say when there is a need for anything for our body it will send an indication to us. When we want food we feel hungry. When we want water we will feel thirsty. So we can wait for the indications from the body and then we can take. There is no need that you should take show much quantity of water and the requirement will be different from person to person.

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    Thirst is first and need is very next. Water is important to us and drinking water is more important. Potable water is still a dream for many house holds in villages and they go for miles to fetch the drinking water. In big cities we get the corporation drinking water supplied through the pipes at fixed time. And for the other use of water, we rely on the bore pumps at home or the community water supplied through the society pipe. One thing is sure the ground water is depleting day by day and every summer posing a challenge for both need of water. The water cans are selling like hot cake in any city.
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    @ Dr. Rao,

    Thank you so much for sharing the valuable information that was given by your grandfather. I also saw a video on youtube that also belonged to an ayurveda doctor and she also advised that we should drink water only when our body demands it. But I have seen some people do not feel to have water even for a long time, so is it fine for them?

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