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    Create the situations to remain in love

    Mother and daughter quarrel most of the day. The old woman from the neighboring house occasionally mediates. One day, when the quarrel was over, the old woman asked her mother, "How old is your daughter?" The mother said: "20 years." The old woman: "Did you start thinking about her marriage?" The mother said: At the age of 23 she should be married anyway. The old woman said to the two of them: "You two have only a thousand days only to see daily and love each other." The mother-daughter quarrel ended.

    Considering the total number of days available to live, everyone's ego can be alleviated. The number of people you meet and the number of days to live are also very limited. Some see only once and walk away. Then why, and to who is constant strife and hatred? Don't conveniently forget the friendly moments to always remember, when succumbing to temporary emotional turmoil. Wouldn't there be at least a few moments of self-esteem in every relationship? While there are a thousand reasons to end everything in hatred, there is at least one reason to stay in love hidden in all relationships.

    The misconception that relationships are about only accepting ourselves and correcting others is what makes friendships poisonous. All relationships will grow naturally if one can accept the other and correct ourselves. Repeated quarrels for the same reason are meaningless and destructive. No one is perfect at all. But all other shortcomings must be addressed by the power of correctness that can be connected.
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    Be it in relation the give and take policy works the best and keeping aside the ego would play a big role in maintaining a good relations. To remain in love one must have the understanding capacity of others. Most of the quarrels and face off takes place for small issues of no importance and the arguments associated with it would escalate the situation to further extent. Love life is important to every one and we should not mess the issues and matters that would lead to sour relations. Because we have to live with all odds in place and we cannot compromise the relations. Given the present situation the challenges are more and enjoyment is very less or nil and in that case wasting time on quarrel and face off is the foolish thing to continue and escalate. One thing sure we are here to live and let make the life easy and simple.
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    It is very important to understand the importance of relationships in time, otherwise, only regrets come later. A girl of my acquaintance also often used to argue with her parents and talk in a rude way and all members explained to her many times but she did not understand, it was not too late when she realized after marriage but did not bring that time back. Every relationship of the family is important and every relationship should live from an open heart with lots of love. When we think of them while caring for all, taking care of all, the person in front also shows the same love towards you and it is natural because love and relationships have no place to show off. The time today is only today, and at the same time when we do the calculations described by the author, it seems that the time is very short and in such a situation we make every effort to make the time more useful.

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    Quarrelling is the easiest way to create conflicts in the family. But living cordially together is difficult. One must have patience and will to live amicably and accommodatingly with others and that is the only lesson for a happy and contented life. Mutual respect and concern is necessary for coexisting and if we do not honour others how it is possible to get respect back from them for us.
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    A combined family stays in front of our house in our native place. Yesterday the mother in law and the daughter in law were involved in a big quarrel. The daughter in law is very loud and scolding the mother in law with a very loud voice. The mother in law was a little soft and not taking much. In the night the sone decided that he and his family will get separated and stay in the same house in a separate portion. Probably he thought the days left for them are more and both the ladies may not go well seeing each other.
    When the days are less to live together we can count the days so that we can manage. But when we think it is lifelong living together, separation only appears as the solution. At the same time if we try to adjust and accommodate others also we can have a happy life and we will have many friends in our lives. Thinking always that we are correct is not a correct trait and we should try to understand the feelings of others also. We should accept good things from others.

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    The premise of the whole thread is suggestions to mother and daughter by someone, I don't think if anybody may deny what is written in this thread. I agree that every relationship which is built up has some time limit. In other words, all relationships are transient and sooner or later come to an end. How to keep this relationship with any individual intact is the onus of both of them- whether it is the relationship between spouses or between parent/s and issues or between siblings or friends or relatives. It is not only related to the personal lives of individuals but also in offices, companies and all type of groups, in short, this mantra is required in all walks of life. We should remove all our misconceptions if we have any, else the same may spoil our relationship and it will not last long.
    Nobody is perfect, this fact should be kept in mind, it enables a person to tolerate the shortcomings of his/her partner.

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