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    I appreciate the government for this step

    The government has decided to give Rs 5 lac to the families of the 26 more journalists who died of coronavirus. The government appreciated them for fighting against deadly virus and reporting from the ground despite being exposed to all dangers. In 2020-21 the government assisted the families of 41 journalists with Rs 5 lac and now 26 more journalists' families will be helped.
    I appreciate this step of the central government. It will help families of those 67 journalists up to some extent. I don't know if all journalists who are working in the field have been vaccinated. Vaccination to all journalists who may be exposed to deadly coronavirus should be prioritised. It will be highly helpful for them.
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    The author is right, It is the first duty of the government to overcome the problems of the people and help them, yet many times the government deviates from this duty, but some instances are found which often show that the government still remains familiar and sympathy for the people. The government should come up with such examples from time to time. The present situation is very frightening and at this time a large section of the public is waiting for help, in such works we should also support by appreciating the government.

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    It is good to know that the government is giving some compensation to the families of Journalists who died due to Corona. That money will be helpful to the families of the journalists in their lives. I feel doctors and other health workers who lost their lives while treating or serving the patients should also be given such compensation so that their families may also get benefitted. More than doctors, other health workers require this compensation more than anybody.
    AP government announced some compensation to the children who lost their parents to this deadly virus. Similarly, other states also might have announced some compensation to the deceased families.

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    Good gesture on the part of state governments to come with relief and rehabilitation package for the life lost journolists who lost their lives while reporting from ground zero during the covid situation. The life of news reporter is always at risk and danger as they have to brave the weather, the conditions at the reporting place and earning the wrath of those at power and writing against them.However the reporters brave all weather and face all consequences even risking their lives. So it is good on the part of government to get them paid the extratia after death and that would support the families.
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    This is a tough time and the journalists especially who are reporting from the hospitals and corona infected places are doing a great service by reporting the correct picture and updating the news for national broadcasts. They are taking a lot of risk for their health and life as there are ample chances of them getting exposed to the deadly virus. This is a good gesture of Govt for the families of the journalists who had died during their duty.
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