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    Recent arguments over change in privacy policies for facebook

    With the government imposing privacy policies over Facebook seeking details of imposters and the whole social media getting crazy over the ban of Facebook and Instagram, it actually builds up questions in my mind seeking, why all of a sudden this change in policies? Did the government actually found some fraud going around? With almost all of the population being a Facebook or a WhatsApp user, this sudden burden over the owners of Facebook is actually huge. Last year our government of India banned several sites and apps in India, including Shein and Pubg, which actually cost the owners a lot for sure, India being their prime customers.

    But this case of imposing policies over the social media at this prime time, where everyone must focus on how to survive the Coronavirus pandemic, which is to make the third wave this year, do you feel it is a try to divert the attention of users over something else? Definitely, everyone is struggling through this pandemic, but this craze on social media regarding the ban of these apps has actually taken over the chaos relating to the pandemic.

    Share your views- do you feel it is an attempt to divert attention or has the government actually found suspicious stuff?
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    Social media is an important element for today's modern world and we could not deny, that most of the population is addicted to it. At the same time, social media also help us to update ourselves with the current news and many more trends. But the government also play important role in this and that is by some involvement from the government can be acceptable. Although we know that social media has great popularity and Facebook or Twitter both are important for the government also so they will not ban it. Privacy-policies is a serious matter especially for the public or the common users, so the decision would be very sensitive. But fake news and fake videos are actually should be stopped by social media.

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    If the social media is used for positive purpose and for the help of people and government it is good and welcome. But some vested interest paid through the foriegn funds are stooped to the level of blaming the govt for no reason and social media being powerful, within minutes the shared news or the clips goes viral and the source would be deleted thanks to the effort of some working in the media. Probably this has irked the government and moreover the personal information shared by the facebook members are not kept secret and revealed to the sources for price and that is nothing but simply selling our personal data for price. One thing is sure the social media may be big and earning but they have to work under the law of land otherwise they would be asked to shut the shop. India is already making its own whatspapp and Facebook alternate soon.
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    The government has given a lot of freedom to social media. The same freedom has been passed on to individuals by social media. When people understand the value of freedom they obtained, they should not misuse the same. But some people are misusing the same and trying to defame the government. Some people are funding such people who are trying to make fake news viral. This is not a correct method and definitely, the government should take action against such people. That is why government is advising these social media sites to have a check on the news that is being posted on their websites and surely it is the responsibility of the social media site owner to see that people will not make money by misusing their site.
    But so far I have not found any change in any of these social media posts. In my opinion, the government might have found some agencies that are trying to pass on fake news to bring down the popularity of the government.

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    The new amendments to the IT Rules will muzzle the social media users. Yes or No?

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