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    Engineering courses allowed in eight Indian languages-discuss

    AICTE has approved allowing courses in eight languages including Hindi .
    This is a very significant development. Till now higher education was in English.

    So how this will be helping our Engineering educatipn. What are its resultant effects. Please discuss
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    We will discuss with the Webmasters if this can be taken up as an active GD, hence locking it temporarily.
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    It seems we had an earlier forum discussion on this- Engineering courses in the mother tongue - how feasible and practical is it?. Hence we are not taking it up as an active GD.

    However, we will keep this thread open for fresh discussions since many new members have joined (please do not repeat your views expressed earlier).

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    It is not an intelligent move. This will create a lot of gap between the people. Communication will not happen easily. The lecturers who teach the subject will face a very tough time. They don't have any clue about the words that are to be used for many technical terms in their local language.
    When I did my B.Sc. there were two sections. One section is for English medium students and the other section is for local language medium. But lecturers used to club the sections and teach in English only. By the time the local language books come it took a lot of time and the first batch of students completed their course.
    The chances for the students who will do the course in the local language will not have scope for going abroad and get a job there. So I feel this should not be accepted. The students should be given a choice to select English medium instead of local language medium,

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    What I feel that the Engineering is the professional subject and it always connected to the project where in group of Engineers discuss and finalise the things to move on. In that case if the qualification is done through other than the English would be laughing matter for the candidate. I am sure this move was to satisfy those states which were thinking over indugence of center on the education sector. But English is the International langauge, and the Engineering commands and leads has to be done through the English only and not the local language. I am not for the new proposal.
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    In my opinion, it is not good idea to have engineering courses in regional languages. In India since we don't have a common local language, it will be very difficult for the companies to manage their affairs with employees having engineering degrees in different languages.

    Though personal communication can be done in English, what about technical communication? How will an employee communicate technically with other employees, who have studied engineering in different languages? The technical jargon learnt by one employee will different from other employees if they are from different states.

    Technical education in local languages was successful in other countries because the all population in those countries speak the same language throughout the country. But it is not the case in India.

    We can consider medical education in regional languages because most of the doctors stick to their home states and they communicate with their patients in the regional languages.

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    When we talk so much of developing our regional languages then we should not shy away using it in higher education. In any case the option of using English will always be there but some students might feel comfortable in their own regional language so let them have that option. The students who will be studying in their own language will eventually learn it in English also due to the obvious reasons.
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