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    Why everyone becomes so intelligent after the event is over?

    When some event is taking place and actions are going on we just watch it and do not comment or contribute in it in any way as we are not sure of ourselves that we would be able to give a correct advice or suggestion. Once the event is over and the results are apparent and clearly known then we become intelligent and start telling that if it would had been done in such a way then it would had been better. Everyone starts giving their own ideas that the issue was not taken up correctly and resolution was done in a wrong manner. People will not view the past happening from a logical angle. They will always be critical of what happened earlier but would not give any suggestion for the present. Why everyone becomes so intelligent after the event is over?
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    Never be afraid of the comments of the people, if you have any idea which if implemented would ease the process, do the same honestly. If you are in the habit of seeking advice, you will be confronted with various suggestions each will escalate your tension. If you have followed the right strategy and have confidence with the Human Resource's deployed in the project you are sure to win. Entertaining many people for getting suggestions would delay your assignments. It is true that once you complete the task, they will pass a comment that you are proudly in nature and egoistic. In no way, you will escape from any remark.

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    I agree with the author. These people who did he hint at are either late comers or crooked. But some people tease others and deliberately irk them and enjoy poking fun of them. They are common creatures loitering around us. So we should take this matter calmly.
    Those who are latecomers always come up with their ideas and they begin to chuck them on others. Some of them who did not dare to come out with their ideas when they were required to do so, emerge out of thin air and begin to throw their unwelcomed ideas. If you are in a position to shut their mouth, should strongly ask them to keep silent.
    Several people will approach you to advise when you have already taken your step but they never approached you before your taking steps. You can't change these people. We have to live with them, so ignoring them is the best solution.

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    Very nice post raised by the author. By virtue of our right given by the constitution on freedom of expression and speech we reserve our comments and ideas till the event get over. Becuase we do not have guts to suggest or ask to mend the ideas before the start of event as we have not funded it nor we are heading the show. But when the same event is over we try to critically evaluate the things and even vent our ire in social media as if we have funded the event and that gone failed. The way opposition parties are functioning in this country can be connected to this thread. When the parties who are in opposition then would ask for hefty compensation and help to the disaster family or their kin, and when the same party comes to power, and asked about the same compensation they plead let the law take its own course.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many quotes and local sayings in explaining this situation or related contexts. A few that come to my mind are:
    "You should wear the shoes to know where it pinches "
    "It is easy to theorise on others' headache"
    " If lost, then card is to blame, if win,it is my win".
    "Dogs bark at rising Sun"
    It is always comfortable to be a non-playing captain. It is true that a perpetual rebel cannot become a good King. The perpetual rebel will go on finding some thing or someone to blame for his own faults and failings. We may see any number of them around us.

    However the real leader or performer will start acting without losing time. In that he may face hurdles and commit mistakes. But he will learn from them and improve and reach his goal or complete the task well.

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    That all depends on the mentality of the individual. There are some people who give suggestions before the event takes place also if they have any knowledge about the event and if they have any experience in the same line. Some people go and ask their elders to advise on the planning of the event also. When we go and ask different people we will get different advice. But we take the one which appears to be good to us and implement the same. When the results are seen the people who are involved may comment. But the people who never participated will also start commenting. As the owner of the event we have to accept the success or failure and we will be held responsible for us. I have seen some people who acknowledge the suggestion which was proved to be useful for them and some may not acknowledge it. That all will depend on the mentality of the persons involved in the event either in the planning stage or in the execution stage.
    always confident

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