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    Children are getting depressed with the present situation

    Yesterday my brother was talking to his 7 years old daughter. She was mentioning that she is feeling bored. She says sitting all the time within the four walls is making her very unhappy. She says no meeting of friends, no games outside and even they are not seeing the face of any other person except the family members. She says she has no freedom.

    When I heard this I felt very sad. Really from the last 15 to 16 months, children are not seeing the light of the day outside their homes. They are spending their time before the small screen or the big screen. Parents are not able to venture to take them out. If this situation continues for some more time definitely it will have a very strong impact on the minds of these kids. They may not be understanding the severity of the problem. This situation may cause some depression for them.

    I feel we will have better times shortly. Like to know the comments of other members.
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    I do agree with the author that children are most affected during this challenging time for more reasons. That they are not able to meet their class mates and discuss the issues of class portions. Though the online classes are going on they are not able to see their close friends in the frame due to technical reasons and thus feel more unhappy. Children are fond of touching and feeling the love and warmth and that is totally missing these days and though the parents are at home, they are busy with their work from home tasks and thus the child is unable to convey and converse with anyone personally. Though phone calls and video calls are going on, but as soon as they see the face of other children on the screen they they tend to weep and wants to me right now. Such is the situation with every child and they feel that none cares them and none concerned about them.
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    I do agree with the author. With this growing pandemic again, every one is feeling depressed and unhappy, even came across people who never liked going out and preferred staying indoors are even feeling depressed with the whole situation of lockdown. Then these are just children , whose age is just to play outside , meet and make new friends and experience their childhood. At the same time I feel, it is just not possible for the busy Work from home parents to play with these children all day. Earlier these kids used to go to playschool or school, make new friends there, spend 4-5 hours there, which would uplift their mood , but this pandemic and shift of offline classes over online mobile screens , have made the children's tassel and depressed.
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    I agree with the author that it is really a bad time for the children to remain confined to four walls due to this pandemic phase. The situation becomes dull when they cannot interact personally with their colleagues or there is no chance of sharing their thoughts with their class mates. May be their parents remain preoccupied with the office jobs having no time to chat with their own kids. Though the children attend online classes but that does not serve the purpose of out-letting their feelings with their classmates. This boredom phase is not not only applicable to the these children but it affects even their parents for the same reason that they can share their feelings with their friends and relatives due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

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    This problem which the author has mentioned in this thread has no place in small cities or villages. People are still careless about protocols, so we can't expect that children will remain behind closed doors. They play as they used to play before the start of the second wave of coronavirus. In cities, this is a common problem which the author has written about. Children are feeling boredom because they have no access to their schools and friends, even they are stopped from playing together while living in the same colony.

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    In this pandemic situation confinement to the four walls of the house is bringing boredom even in the grown ups and what to say about the conditions of the children who used to start weeping if we did not allow them to go out for playing even for a day. This is a big problem for the parents as how to manage the children in this situation. Children are very tender minded and can have depressive tendencies developed in them if they are kept in such an aloof environment. It is also not possible for the parents to keep them engaged in studies or games or creative activities for long as there comes a time when the children long for going out in the fresh air to play with their friends.
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    I agree with the author 100 percent, when I see the young children of my family questioning this innocence, I also feel the same helplessness because we are unable to give the world to the children which they want with their friends. Innocent little children will be able to play how many games inside the house, the interest of studying is not being at the level like it used to be during school days.
    But the problem is that we cannot do anything other than to convince them and make them happy by spending some time with them because this is the time to take special care of safety and if we show negligence then the health of the children Can be harmful.
    The final conclusion may be that we should give more time to the children in our family so that when this phase of the epidemic is over, we also have the satisfaction that we spent that happy time with the children of our family which we might not do it in normal days.

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    In the present special situation, what about the condition of the children when the adults are also not able to go out on their own, friends or relatives or even for the essentials? Always yearning for new things, they are tied up now with those who are eager to run and jump, with friends, and to play and tell stories with their peers at school and neighboring. How can they, who do not like to be idle even for a moment, see only the faces of their households and be within the walls of the house?

    This is where the glory of the old joint family system comes into play. A home can have a minimum of four or five children of the same age (sometimes one or two years apart). Even if there is no friend from outside, all of them will be fair in that house. There were many children in many big families, including the children of the father's elder brothers, the children of the father's younger brothers, and the children of the aunts, etc. It was a celebration there.

    As the author points out, it is doubtful whether it would be right to think that children can be released in four or five months. This second wave may somehow be contained in three or four months, but the medical department is now pointing out the possibility of a third wave within six months. They also say that it is the children who are going to be most affected.
    Then we can expect everything to be right by mid-2022.

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    The author is right. Many children are kept idle in the house that too bad in some cases of where the children generally have no mingling habit. In apartments before the period of Covid, all children playing together in the place common to their blocks. But since the start of covid, all children kept in the house itself. Many children meddling with mobiles or computers which is very bad to their health especially for eyes. If the house contains other relatives in the same house the children have some alternative. As many houses presently isolated from other relatives the house is only with parents, there too the father or mother or both busy with their office 'work from work', therefore the children has no alternative even to playfully talk. In order to remove this situation the parents are having major role to set aside some time for them to play with them by forgetting their busy, tension, age etc., They should talk with the children jovially and casually by giving up their ego (I am seeing in many houses parents are isolating their children in order to keep them with privacy and they should do all his/her work by themselves)

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