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    Let's get out of mental slavery

    Anyone has a feel of natural affection for everything that dissolved with them. When a person is mentally addicted to something, it will be treated as a pleasure even if it is unbearable. There is no matter your hard try, you can't get out of them. Even the earliest thoughts of getting out anyway from that will lead to a sense of why returning over time. While all adversity may initially have some difficulties and pains, once connected with them the focus will be on the benefits and joys they provide. If we do not get out of the bad habits before they grow into a habit, we can only experience the controlled facilities inside the prison of such addiction.

    If the place where we are, denies the journey to the place where it is supposed to be, that place must be abandoned as soon as possible. Once even the desire to get out of the trapped enslavement has destructively perished then one's ability and power becomes irrelevant. One who does not want to get out of his weaknesses, cannot find his strengths. Once the wick inside is lowered, there is nothing that can do even those who stand to shed light on it. Those who can write a heroic story with enthusiasm should not be to compose lamentations due to laziness
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    The author has written about the negative aspect of mental slavery that entails addiction and indispensability to someone or something. I think being possessive of something or someone entails obsession and this state of mind incites to commit criminal activities too. Addiction to anything or anyone is a disease. According to the author, such a person knowing all ramifications keeps on clinging to them because he enjoys being in this state or surroundings. He does of mind even facing any pain and suffering, his obsession doesn't permit him to come out of this situation. This mental slavery entangles him with Hobson's choice where he has lost all his control over himself and he floats away with his addiction. Several examples can be observed of this situation or quite identical to such situation.
    I feel pain when I see an uxorious takes his old parents out of their house and leaves them at sea where they have lost everything.

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