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    Brain drain - Crippling our nation.

    Its common that our young professionals, graduates, post graduates and all sorts of skilled person are trying to find their way into foreign companies, leaving the nation. It seems so simple as they are getting heavy packages and improving their lifestyle but I felt that one sided betterment is useless. The nation which brought up you, which gave all resources from its heart for your survival and growth, and you are leaving that nation in one stroke without caring about it. It's better to have growth in life and only dynamic people can survive in todays world but my question is that, can there is no growth prospects for such people in India? If Indians can become CEO's of world largest multinationals then, why can't they raise their own country? Sheer loss of human capital is crippling India. Deep concern is required on it otherwise our nation would become labour hub for world, and we can never imagine ourselves to become 'vishvagurus' again.
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    Good thought emanated from the young mind of the author and it is the fact that Indians are serving as the top heads of many companies abroad and stand as the reason for improving the economy of those countries. It is said that India is having 40 crore population of well learned , professionals and sure to win people who has the niche to convert worst situation to good phase. Time and again I was suggesting through this forum that parents should stop sending the children abroad in the name of green pastures and the children wont return India for sure for obvious reasons as the country is loosing the learned people to other countries and the parents keep on waiting for their children to return and settle and that wont happen. I have seen many parents turning elders and dying but the children wont return from foreign countries.
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    Brain drain is not a new problem in India. In past brain drain problem belonged to that educated class that was the final product of India and it migrated to any foreign country like U.S. for having a bright future but now a days this situation is changing. Brilliant students go to abroad for study and after getting education they settle there instead of return home but in both situations India is in loss. Now somebody may blame these greedy educated people who leave India for earning more money. Should they be blamed?
    As a matter of fact, this brain drain problem exist on every level. Do we ever think why an educated person migrates from a village to a city? Obviously, he knows that in cities he has better future concerning his .higher education, jobs, money, progress, prosperity and high social status. The same is applied to city dwellers who migrate to any foreign country for the same reasons.
    If these people are assured to have all what they seek in a foreign land they will not migrate from India.

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    Brain drain is an old problem in respect of our country and we had seen it happening that the meritorious students mostly through sponsored scholarships went outside to have higher education and due to the better opportunities there, they never returned home. There are many aspects to this problem but I will touch one aspect which is crucial and many scholars and critics had mentioned that in many forums here and there and that is that by going out of a handful of people from our country to abroad how it is going to affect us? We have such a large population that if a very small insignificant fraction of that leaves the country it is immaterial in spite of the fact that they were brilliant. The fact is that we have a large number of students and professionals who are brilliant but we cannot give them commensurate salaries and facilities and their talent and knowledge is simply getting rusted in the backyard. So brain drain is a problem but what about utilising the other outstanding and top brains here in our country which are available in abundance.
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    I understand the mind of the author. When a country is spending a lot of money for our education and bringing up, what is that we are offering to the country in reciprocation. They want their family to become rich. They will fly to other countries and earn money. IITs and many other premier institutions are imparting good education by spending crores of rupees. They are training their students in different skills. But they are not using this education skill for the nation.
    The main reason for this is the lack of encouragement to merit student. One Scientist from Tamilnadu who won a Nobel prize in an interview told that he might not have won that noble prize if he remained in India for a job. He also said that the government is not encouraging merit. Reservations in educational institutions and jobs are making some merit candidates go out as they are not getting good placement here.
    I think the government should make a rule that the students who studied in IITs and other premier institutions should work in the country for a minimum some period before they plan to go out for earning more.

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    It is the natural tendency of people to go to the greener pastures. What we are telling as brain drain is actually an opportunity for them. Many developing countries are having this scenario in the world as the meritorious students are running away.
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