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    Listen to others fully before reacting

    When we talk and communicate with each other many times people just jump and react and answer something which is not the proper reaction to the person who told something to others. This happens usually when we are biased in our minds and start answering without listening the full sentence or the full thing. Though this type of response is considered as bad manners also but as it is, it is not the way to respond. This type of communication will not lead to us anywhere and create unnecessary rift and distance between the people. It is always wise to listen attentively what the other person is telling and then make a commensurate response to it. This way only the communication will be comfortable and convenient to all the participants and amicable solutions would also be obtained. What do the members think about this?
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    The reactions should be on the matter and on the issue only after listening to fully from the opposite person. Let the person be heard before giving our reply or response. We may be eager to respond and react at the gist or the starting of the arguement itself, but if we do so we are not fully preparered to counter the person. If we fully listen to him, we can meanwhile also figure out as to what can be done and what reply can be best given. And our apt listening would also baffle the opposite person and he would have to get ready to defence or go against our reply , so he may be more worried about our silence listening.
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    The author is right to say that we should not interfere in conversion while someone is talking on any topic and we should make any comment until he completed his statement. This is against the conversation-manners to disturb a speaker or divert the issue or start talking on any other topic. It proves that other person is right. Gentlemen always take care about conversation manners.
    However, in politics it is praiseworthy to interfere other person and don't let other person speak. As a successful politician or spokesperson of any party we should know how to change the topic and how to make fun of others and how to humiliate good manners. Every night in prime time on any news channel we can watch these ill-mannered people and weird thing is that we like these people.
    And most interest aspect of this matter is that these ill-mannered politicians or spokesperson are called 'Honourable'. What an irony!

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    When somebody is talking about something we should hear them properly and understand what he is trying to convey. If any doubts are there we should ask and get the clarifications. Then only we should come out with our opinion. Talking about something without hearing others will not serve the purpose. It will be like two deaf people conversing with each other.
    Commenting on something without hearing properly is definitely a bad trait. One of my relatives used to give suggestions to other people without hearing what others are telling. He has become a laughing stock and people started ignoring him and never cared for him. Some people picked up even quarrel with them and stopped talking to him.

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    One of my previous threads made it clear that reaching a decision and taking action without fully listening to anything can have the opposite effect. (Ref: "Listen fully and patiently to others" Dated: 14 May 2021) To make a complete decision or answer in any matter, one must fully listen and understand what the other person is saying. Half-heard answers and decisions work the opposite.
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    Reacting or responding without listening is considered as foolish and we must refrain from that. I have noticed that in many families the children start talking before they listen to us or they take us so lightly that they do not understand any need to listen to us and insist their demands etc. So, it is childish to do so if the grown ups are doing any such thing during interaction with others.
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    It is absolutely true until we do not listen to anyone carefully, till then we cannot understand the real meaning of what they said and in misunderstanding, there is also the possibility of debate and quarrel, so whenever you have a conversion from someone, then most of all Be a good listener first. A person who is not a good listener cannot also become a good speaker, this thing has been said by many great scholars. In the middle, if we stop the point of the front and start keeping our point, then the person in front is unable to explain his point and the situation gets worse. It is not that we have not experienced this in our ordinary life, many times we have found that we ourselves are trying to explain something to someone, but the person in front of us starts listening to us without listening to the whole thing, then we will follow ourselves. become. Similarly, from another's point of view, we should also think that by doing this, many big controversies are saved.

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    God or Nature, whatever it may, given us two ears. This is not only for holding our spectacles or earphones but to hear others fully. Many people do not hear others fully or totally. This definitely drag them into ruin, initially they do not know but later they will realize. Many stories / incidents of our ethics reiterate the good path of our daily life. Among one is this. In 'Silappathikaram', Tamil ethics a whole city got ruined because of reacting through his order without listening others. Kovalan, a trader of Chola destiny came to Pandya reign for better living. Kovalan went to a goldsmith for selling his wife's anklet. But the goldsmith who stoled the Queen's anklets handed over him as thief. King without proper hearing ordered his minister to kill by chopping his head. Kannagi,wife of Kovalan heard this went to courtyard and made the king about his mistake through her argument. Realised king and queen died in the courtyard itself. Subsequently Kannagi cursed to the entire city got in fire and accordingly the total city got ruined in fire. The total ruin of reign is because of poor hearing.

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