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    Why premier education Institutions are not warning govts before hand ?

    India has the best Information technology colleges across the country and many case studies are being done at IIT and other prestigious institutes through the students research wings and the fact finding must be compiled and sent to the govt as future warnings or suggestion to mend the ways of any matter or issue. Actually government should seek report on every issue that is bothering the country either pandemic, natural calamity, infrastructure restructure and when to stop constructions where the places are vulnerable to the nature fury. These studies and tips would help the econony to much extent.
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    I have a different opinion. How educational institutes will come into the picture. Their main objective is to educate the students and give them proper training and see that they will get the required skills. There may be some research projects on which some people will be working. If specifically some issues are given to them they may work on that.
    Some research institutions are working in various fields. For example CCMB in Hyderabad and IICT in Hyderabad. They can study such things related to their fields and they can submit their reports. I think many CSIR laboratories and DRDO laboratories are also working. When this pandemic started DRDO also started some work to find a cure for the problem and finally they come out with new medicine. Like that many of these laboratories are performing well and supporting the government in facing difficult situations and solving those issues also.

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    There should be a system of association of these institutions with the practical aspects and they should give their opinions and advices in the various matters of national interest whenever they are asked for it. In fact IITs give their opinions on specific matters on payment basis when they are asked by some organisations. But this thing is limited to a few cases on as and when required basis. The point made by author can be achieved fully if these high level institutions are associated in a big way by bringing suitable changes in their working.
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