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    Every life is a remnant of different kinds of support

    Life is a collection of many supports and aids. Who can live without the help of others? Those who have earned and achieved so much need the care and mercy of others. What has been achieved without relying on anyone? Which way have we alone traveled? Even the food we eat is the result of the sweat of so many people have we never met?

    The non-financial aid often becomes the street lights. The glittering fireflies which giving little light, the earthworms that keep the soil moist, and the watchdog that stays awake at night are just a few of the helpers. Everyone you meet will have something to give or something to receive from all. Many will have a lot to offer us and will have a lot to learn from them. Every rich man needs help. Likewise, any poor person can help others. Help is not the distribution of excess, but the sharing of what is available with us. Not everyone wants money or wealth. Someone will want compliments and some for hope for relief. Some long for the presence and closeness of others.

    Isn't it the goodness of those, who have been taught to read the letters to words and understand their meaning that one can read this message itself?
    Every life is a remnant of the support we receive from others, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly.
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    True. Life can't be lived alone. We require many things. Basically, the oxygen required is coming from trees. Even the richest man on the earth can't live without trees here. Like that we require support from many other things. We require at least 4 friends so that our lost journey will happen without any problem.
    If somebody thinks that he doesn't require any help from anybody and he can purchase everything with his money, he is mistaken. There are many things in this world that can't come with money. All our teachers are giving us education. WIthout a teacher it will be difficult for all of us to get educated.

    always confident

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