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    Why do some people not want to try something new?

    Recently, a movie Radhe was released, whose trailer gives a glimpse of the story of that movie and people get the same basic old story every time. Salman Khan is a famous actor but it seems as if he does not want to change anything about his movies. Many previous movies have been shown in which the same story and the same role have been shown as in Radhe. After all, an actor who plays the role of a hero, the public is expected to find something new with every new movie, but like in Salman Khan's other movies, Wanted, Dabangg, etc. Radhe too did not find anything new, It was disappointing for the audience. This is also the reason why north Indians also find south movies and Hollywood movies more interesting. Movies are the biggest medium of entertainment in which new and change are always expected from the story.
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    The great actor of Tollywood NTR tried all types of roles. Because of that only he became very famous. His action in Nartanasala as a transgender got appreciations from all the quarters. He was an actor who always tried new roles. But many other actors never tried a variety of roles with a fear that the audience may not accept them in those roles. I feel all actors should improve their acting skills by acting in different roles. Many heroes are identified with their famous movies and will try to do similar portions in other movies. Trying and doing new roles maybe not their cup of tea. Producers may not like to venture to spend their money to do experiments by giving new roles to these heroes.
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    Yes, this is true, actors or actresses should challenge themselves and adopt new and different roles and present some changes to the audience.

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    Salman Khan and some other actors of this sort are liked by the audience while playing a kind of stereotyped role. Wanted, Dabang, Ek the tiger or its sequel - type movies get a huge fan following.
    If they come out of their set image their movies are. flopped e.g. Salaman paid the role of a retarded person in Tubelight but it was rejected by his fans and because they want to see him thrashing tens of people in one go.
    I have seen some south Indian movies but mainly they are also action movies that show fierce fighting between a hero and hundreds of villains with all the latest weapons and eventually he defeats them. all even without using any weapon. There should be many excellent movies which we can't watch because of the language barrier, however, if subtitles are there we can understand the movies but we can't enjoy them. Nowadays I see almost every hit south Indian movie is released in the Hindi version also.

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    The entertainment and amusement media knows only one thing that produce only what is liked by the common people and unfortunately the common people in our country like the much beaten paths and that is the reason that producers produce the same thing in new avatar. This is called old wine in new bottle in strict literary senses. Very few people in the country who can be called as highly educated and prudent like the new themes and new ideas in the movies and like to view them but the irony is that such new ideas do not become hit and fail at the box office. The fact is that trying something new and unique will always have the associated risks from the business angle and a few of the business owners will be the takers for that.
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    Films in Kerala only have different themes and different presentation styles. Therefore, the viewer can reach a clue about the end of the film as it nears the end. Or the movie will have to be locked in the box after the first show. Watching movies is meant to bring joy, refreshment to the mind and brain. What is the benefit of that movie if it simply "blends in" with another old one? If so, it is enough the people can buy a CD of those old movies and watch them from time to time. Will the audience come to the theater to see such movies? So how does the film survive financially? So I believe no manufacturer would choose that path. The film is an art and cultural activity, as well as a means of touching people's emotions. Beyond that, it is also an industry. Investing in an industry is to get profit or profit only. So from many angles, it may seem or thought that the sequences of one movie are the same as those of another movie, but on the inside, the two movies are not one it will be two.
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