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    Why have the contribution of women in our economy decreased?

    We are aware about how long we have come along when it comes to women empowerment, and giving women freedom and choices or atleast that is what we think so. Even after so many years of women fighting against oppression and making a stand for themselves they still continue to suffer tremendously. So have we really come far? Or are we going back to worse?
    Women have contributed not only to our economic sector but towards every other other sector. Time from time they have proved themselves to be worthy of the same treatment as men or even better. They have achieved great heights of success and many women continue to do so even after so many restriction that have come along their way. However, in the recent studies it has been revealed that the contribution of women in the GDP of our country have come to the bottom 20 among all the other countries. Even after so many schemes to educate girls and empowering women why do you think that women are such passive participants? Do you think that it is because women choose to not work and be housewives or are they forced to not work and contribute and rather are kept at home to look after the kids and their families? Do share your opinion.
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    Still in India, many ladies are not interested in going out and work. They prefer to manage their house in a better way by remaining in the house all the time. They feel better in bringing up their children and try to support their families. But in managing the houses they will take the upper hand. Almost all the things will go as per her decision. Even husbands never try to say no to them. Even though they are not earning directly, they are seeing that their families will not become bankrupt and managing the family in a better way.
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    Whether women work outside or in the house, their contribution is tremendous. They are directly or indirectly contributing to the nation's economy. Many women are taking care of house and if they go out and do not take care of the house then one has to hire a servant or maid for that and pay him or her the salary. So, women are helping many household to save money also which is deposited in bank and used by the Govt for its work. So we may not see the women directly contributing to the economy but they are behind every action and it is well said that behind every man who is successfully contributing to economy, there is a woman!
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    In some countries, women also earn money for their families but a major part of women is still not working as the men do. India is one of those countries where the majority of women don't like to work and also the family environment discouraged them to come out for the job. But in cities many educated women of middle and lower-middle classes are working in different companies to support their families because their male members of families do not earn sufficient amount, therefore, these women have to work to give financial support to their respective families.
    In some counties, women have to work as men do because the social environment is as such. In these countries, especially, in western countries, every family member is free to live as per his/her choice. Girls living separately from their parents is quite common and when girls live separately they have to earn the money to bear all their expenses to spend a comfortable life.

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    A few months ago I read an article in a magazine regarding a petition and I remembered the same case from this thread of the author. The case was one in which the court questioned the trend of assessing the status of women engaged in domestic work with a comment made during the hearing of a case and debated the labor and economic aspects of the woman. . In almost every family, a woman is responsible for almost all the household work, yet her work is never seen from the perspective that she is making her financial contribution in the country and at home. It is wrong to think that some women do not add anything directly to the income of the household, so their work is not considered to have any economic value. By the way, the situation has changed today, and now women are also contributing equally in financial activities. Perhaps some change in society is still necessary for the full involvement of women in GDP.

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    As long as women was alone and not married up to a certain age, the earnings seems to be great and going. But once the marriage is done, the plans go to toss. That the girl wants to part with some money to the parents who made her achieve the goal and also got married. This kind of proposal not liked in in laws house, and thus confrontation brews up. May for this reason the lucarative jobs were turned down or resigned for the sake of in laws family who insists that the daughter in law need not work but to seen the house hold works. More over men dominated work is more and women preferred jobs are less and thus their less contribution to the economy.
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    The concept of absolute economic development takes into account all sort of activities in the country and from that angle women also contribute in their own way. Can we forget the contributions of the women in the remote villages where everything is still being done in manual form and some women are not getting even a minute out of their busy schedule during the whole day. They have toiled so much that one who is working in a white collar job in an office in a town or city cannot understand that and would be thinking that he only is contribution to the economic status of the country. There are many unsung heroes who are contributing to the economic condition of the country in one way or other and women are among them. We should not underestimate their energy and power which is driving the household in our country and if that drive is removed today the efficiency and productivity of the people, who are going outside the house for jobs, will plunge down and will have adverse affect on the economic development. I am sure that in absolute terms women are also contributing.
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    While considering the intelligence of the both the genders, they are equally at par but the ways how they are brought up in the families are the deciding factors of their development. Often it has been seen in the families of lower middle class families, the mothers have the different set of rules for their male and female kids. Even if the female child is good at Mathematics and Science, mothers would encourage them to take up Home Science or Humanities for their further studies telling that science is not their cup of teas. These mothers weaken the confidence the female child. Take the case of a single female child of a rich class families where the children would get all sorts of helps for his single child to compete IAS and finally she achieves it.
    Hence we are ourselves responsible for injecting motivation to one gender and demotivating the other one. We can make our daughters more responsible with the quality input of education where she can understand the Economics and can take better interest with the participation of responsible posts. We need to nurture them.

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