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    How to distinguish fake from true?

    In the social media as well as many news, views, and entertainment channels in the internet, we find contradicting information. At one place we find an old video which is mentioned as new and in other place we find an information telling us that it was a fake one. So, there are so many information and data available in the media but we do not know which one to rely and which one to discard. Are members aware of some channels which generally give fake information? If we know them at least we stop visiting them. How to check that and visit the good and reliable ones only? Any suggestions or knowledge regarding this aspect, please share.
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    Fake news is mostly spread on new media like WhatsApp and Facebook. The news provided by other visual media and print media is mostly true. Sometimes they will make a little twisting and turning for the ruling party, but the opposite news is not usually publishing. But since WhatsApp and Facebook are each handled on their terms, they make the news as they see fit. Distorting the news. Old photos and videos are taken out and presented as new news. These are the main fake news sources and fake news production methods.
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    In standard newspapers and electronic media, we will not have any fake news. Whatever news we get from DD channels is always correct only. Similarly, there are newspapers that will publish the news only after verifying the authenticity of the news. So one should visit such channels and newspapers to get the correct news. Generally, we should not rely on social media for the correctness of the news. Here anybody can write anything they want and there is no check on the correctness of the item. So there are chances we may get diverted in the wrong path. But in social media also some people are they who will say that so and so news is fake.
    We can also understand the correctness of the news if we are regularly visiting these platforms as well as other newspaper sites. These days newspapers are updating the news every one hour and they will give all the news which are correct. When we compare the news here and then on social media we will understand which is fake and which is correct.

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    It is a little difficult to identify both real and fake people and news in the crowd of social media, but by keeping some things in mind, we can keep ourselves away from this delusion. The most important thing is to collect information from any other source about any new news which seems strange and only then arrives at a decision. Many good news portals are available on the internet, all the apps can also be easily available from where we get the right news, I recommend we trust those reliable portals only. Many times, people get forwarded to any new news as soon as they get it, without knowing the details of it. We should stop ourselves from getting involved in this fake news chain.

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    After reading the post, my thoughts went to a story which goes like this. There was a child to which two women claimed the mother hood as the husband was not there. Having taken aback with such a situation those days, there were no courts and only King has to decide. When this gone to the notice of King he called both the women and asked who is the real mother. When both are claiming, king unable to decide. Then a flash thought came to him. He asked his deputy to snatch the child and throw on the ground. The reaction of real mother was true and she was pleading not to throw and the duplicate was responding in sober manner. So the King got the clue as to who is real mother and gave the child to her. So what we understand from this story that there must be some clues about the varasity and authenticity of the news and that could be the original.
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    I don't trust videos shared on WhatsApp unless they are shared by authentic sources. E.g. lately some videos were shared by some prominent people on social media. One of the videos was of riots that occurred in Uganda but it was attributed to riots in India. Another video was of the communal riots that occurred in 2018 but it was shown as it occurred in 2021.
    Fake or fabricated or tampered or manipulated videos are shared on social media and most people trust these videos. Even mainstream media also has shared such videos in past.
    You may check the authenticity of any video or news on some websites like alt.

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    We should not believe the information in the social media unless it is confirmed or authenticated from the reputed sources. In social media the videos and pictures are shared in a very high speed and by the evening the whole country gets it. People are just sitting in these places waiting for new messages and then they blindly forward it. Many people feel pride in forwarding a large number of messages to their friends and relatives and becoming cynosure in the respective groups. So, only in the main media and national media we can take the information as correct.
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