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    Why do very few people like to play chess?

    When we talk of indoor games, many options come to our mind, such as Ludo, Carrom, Cards, and many other local games, but the game of chess is not much preferred with the family at home. I have found that people have a lot of enthusiasm towards other indoor games but that enthusiasm towards chess ceases in a few days.

    Is there a reason for this, is that chess is a game that relies more on mental ability and less on entertainment? Or maybe chess has not been included in the general game, by many families, so people are less enthusiastic about it.

    Do you and other members of your family have a keen interest in chess or do you keep it in your playlist only occasionally? Express your interest and experience towards this game, as well as provide some tips through which this game can be made interesting, especially for children.
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    Chess is a complicated game and requires much brain power and strategy. It is not everyones cup of tea. It has serious playing tricks and methods and does not provide any light entertainment to its players. It is an altogether different game when we consider the other indoor games like Monopoly, Carom, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders etc. The irony with this game called chess is that when you learn it and start playing nicely then one day a player who is slightly better than you comes and defeats you regularly in all attempts and you are totally discouraged to play it again. The point is that if someone wants to improve in this game then one has to do a lot of hard work and sustained efforts to come to the top and then also there will always be other excellent minds waiting to fight with him in the competitive rounds. It is said that expert players tell many moves ahead as who will be winning if the winer knows that game sequence.
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    When I was in school, I used to play chess with my father and friends, even today I like to play chess online whenever I get time.

    It is not that people do not like to play chess or less enthusiastic, but chess is more like a war of two brains than a game. As a result, everyone wants to perform well and the luck component is low in this game.

    Both the player has an equal opportunity to win the game. So it is evident that no one will play to lose, which will take a lot of time for the game to finish.

    One of the reasons that families are less enthusiastic about the game of chess is that it takes longer and not all family members can participate in the game simultaneously.

    Perhaps this is the reason why people like to play light games like Ludo, Cards at home. In which a lot of luck is enjoyed, it is fun to play and the game also ends quickly.

    Yes, occasionally taking advantage of a game like Chess is also good for mental growth.


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    What I feel that the chess is the game of patience and moves. Not only the moves of the self but one must able to gauge the moves of the opponent player and thus it is the constant concentration required in this game and that is not the cup of tea for many. And those who are habituated to out field games or out door games, they may not like chess to be played inside the four walls for hours together. Moreover the audience are less for this game as it has not become that popular than the other sports. In our country very less persons are associated with this game and except Vishwanathan Anand, we do not know many.
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    The author is right to say that all other games like ludo, ladder&snake, carom etc are more popular in families than chess. Yes, the reason is obvious, first, everybody does not know how to play chess, second merely knowing how to play doesn't give any enjoyment. A player should know how to defeat his opponent. Sometimes, I play chess. It takes a lot of time. It is good for the brain. But addiction to chess is more detrimental than any other family game.
    In my family, ludo is the most favourable game which every member likes to play. It gives full entertainment.

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    I used to play with my grandfather during my education. Later I used to play chess with my elder son for some time and then for some time with my brother's son.
    Chess is a game that requires a lot of attention and only two people can play the game at one time. When we are in the midst of the family and many people are there if two people sit separately it looks odd. So in families when more people are there this game is not considered.
    Games like cards are famous indoor games as many people can play at a time and they are casual games. We need not completely concentrate and we can entertain others while playing the game. We can stop the game at any point in time we want to stop. Chess we can't stop and if the players are strong enough it will consume more time.
    Because of this, I feel Chess is not considered as a game for time pass in the houses as an indoor game.

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