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    It is dangerous to ignite bad emotions

    The main reason for a group's inner rupture is the hiding fight of the outsiders. No nuclear bombs or ammunition are needed to thwart any organized effort. It is enough to inject suspicion and rivalry within the groups without them even knowing it. Even problems that can be solved by sitting around a table and talking always exist, and established stakeholders confirms its permanent presence.

    There are those who make a living by keeping public issues constant. Such people will not allow any problem to end. They are the creators of the problems and play the role of problem solvers. They also exploit the emotional nature of the crowd and light a fire to burn that trend to go out. Most of the controversy over religion, politics, and racism is the work of these exploiters.
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    There are bad people living amidst us seeking solace and happiness at the cost of igniting the bad elements now and then there by giving constant efforts to keep the matter happening again and again. The best example here can be taken between the center and state relations of West Bengal. Under the federal set up the state govt are suppose to have cooperation and coordination with the center on all counts so that the projects and programs does not get derailed or denied. When the PM Modi came for aerial survey and want to access the damage done by recent cyclone and give compensation to WB state, the CM does not cared and made him to wait for half an hour and that is too much behavior of her and this would ignite the old enmity between the center and state. The face off should not be at the cost of vendetta politics.
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    Some people do not hold back from taking advantage of the situation, and such people often expose problems more broadly. It is the intention of such people that whenever there is a fire, more ghee should be poured on it so that it can flare up more. Emotion is an important part of human beings or we can also say that our life is connected with emotions and is being spent with them, in such a situation, it is very easy for some clever to exploit any emotion. Religion has often been made an issue in politics because the world knows that everyone is relatively more passionate about their religion. We should keep ourselves away from such people who fulfill their goals by creating building by our feelings only. It is sensible to check the sentimentality, and act wisely and listen to someone's advice and give advice to someone because there is a lot of crowd in this world.

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    If bad emotions are brought in a group, the group dynamics will change. Without understanding the ill effects people start quarrelling with each other indirectly without letting their inner thoughts. Doubts and suspicions are the main reasons for this.
    In our society normally we all live in harmony. We will not be bothered much about the caste, religion or nationality of the other person. We will help each other. But some people don't like this. Mainly politicians never want people to get united. So they will try to raise emotions among the people so that there will be a split among the people. For then the weapons are religion and caste.
    Even in companies also bosses don't like their subordinates to get united. They feel that they will not get the issues that are going among their subordinates. So they try to divide them by raising bad emotions among the staff. So one should be very careful in these matters.

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    Nobody can create any rupture or rift between you and others such as colleagues, friends, partners, workers, co-residents, even as common people unless we allow them to do so All these external elements which the author has written about them and their ilk or identical to them exist everywhere for ages. They create problems by instigating people and masquerade as problem solvers and well-wishers of people as the author has written. Deception, entitlements, provocative slogans, ill -stratagem. They are the worst people. Some of them can be seen like ogres, the blood-sucking creatures. They raise their edifice on corpses of human beings. Unfortunately, many a man become their sequacious too. Is it an obnoxious situation? It is closer to be horrible instead.

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    There are some people in the society who will do anything for their selfish motives. They will provoke people for fighting or attacking each other and create all sort of misunderstanding between the people in the society. They will use all the mental weapons for those evil tasks and will exploit by using basic matters of faith like religion, community, caste or tribe. They will always look to their own interests first and for that they will go to any extent mostly cheating the people left and right. Such people are very harmful to the society as well as nation and public should be alert from them as taking things gullibly will simply facilitate these evil people in their objectives. Until the general public becomes aware of these facts and takes precautions of that nature these bad elements will exploit the people and fulfil their own dreams.
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    If we see the same in a different angle, it would clear the emerging scenario. If it is known that some rift is going on between the two popular personalities, people will take advantage of such a situation. It would be then a dangerous game disturbing the peace of the country. We should be careful of such disintegration and the politicians should see the dark angles which could develop otherwise due to their negligent steps. Let them make the path cohesive and smooth for better service of the people. This will strengthen the unity of the country.

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