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    As far as I am right none can prove me wrong

    Everyone endeavors to be right and that should be the attitude and going. Sometimes we may be right but others try to prove us wrong. As far as myself is concerned, I feel that if am right and doing the work and task as per the frame work of the rules and principles of my own set of rules, nothing can go wrong nor no one could prove me wrong. And doing the right things, at the right time and at the right place is the great trait been bestowed in me, thanks to the whole lots of experience within the family and in the society. A right person need not fear for anyone or anything.

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    As far as we are not deviating from the correct path we need not worry that somebody may prove us wrong. We know that we are following all rules and regulations. We know that we are not indulging in any wrong practices. If somebody tries to show that we are doing wrong we should be able to explain our stand and say that we are not wrong. Definitely, there will be some people to spoil us and we should be able to take care of them and we should be able to prove to them that we are right. It all depends on your abilities and knowledge.
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    This is a three faceted issue. First, when someone is confident about what he is doing or saying. The second is that he is arrogant as well as close to perfection. The third type of person is ignorant and his doings and sayings are flawed but his adamance thwarts to get his shortcomings rectified. Here, the first person is good, the second one is worse and the third one is the worst.

    This fact should not be overlooked that nobody is perfect, however, someone may be semi-perfect as a human being. As far as certain responsibilities or activities are concerned, someone may have a hundred per cent command but he is still fallible. If someone is confident about his modus operandi about performing his responsibilities or duties, some of his colleagues may be jealous of him and they may try to distract his concentration. They may bring forth real or non-real reasons to distract his mind. In this situation, he doesn't heed to him as the author has written about.

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    If a person is confident and sure that what he has done or taken a decision is correct then he need not to be afraid of anyone and should not bother for the comments or criticism made by other people. Some people in this world belong to this category as they do their work with meticulous planning and consider all aspects of carrying out it successfully. They know that no one can prove them wrong as they had done their homework well.
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    Can we really say that "as far as I am right none can prove me wrong" an apt way as everyone is right in their own way. When you tend to start anything, be it writing, a presentation, research, work, discussion, counselling, etc., we feel right.

    In the serial " Rangrasiya", there is a scene where the actress draws a circle and asks others they describe it in their own way. Everyone starts answering like its moon, sun, bangle, roti, zero, etc and then one tells that the actress is trying to tell us that when just a circle can be described in different ways, so is also the point or perception.

    We may be right but not every right is right in the right way or sence unless it is evaluated as per the situation. Here when the writers mentioned that doing the right things, at the right time and at the right place with whole lots of experience within the family and in the society, then the right person need not fear for anyone or anything.

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    One person's right can be another's wrong. It depends on the situation and the needs. Many things that we think are completely right may not be completely right in the broadest sense. Building a new road is good and right. It is also a blessing for those who do not have a road. If a road is to be built where there is no road, it will be built on land that is currently owned and occupied by someone. When that happens, the owners of the land may not feel not good or right about the new road construction. So are other things. Things that benefit a lot of people are judged as completely right by their beneficiaries. But those who think that they are losing because of it will feel completely wrong. All right and wrong have multiple interpretations and visions. It's different from the point of view of those who look at them.
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    Whether a person is right or wrong cannot be judged on the basis of any single parameter. Someone may be wrong for someone else but that person is right for me or you. This game of right and wrong is actually decided on the basis of our principles, rules, laws, values ??, etc., so it cannot be placed on anyone's side. Yes, it is true that if a person is working towards any task by balancing his duties and principles, then in his view, he is right and should be, but It is quite diplomatic to answer this question. I think we do not decide right and wrong on any single point only.

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