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    Health insurance company's credibility endangered.

    These days, a lot of controversies has been reported in the newspapers about the Heath Insurance Company, where it is being told that the insurance company is not giving any kind of reimbursement to the people during treatment and according to some provisions, they proving proved that the person concerned is not involved in that criteria to give insurance money for the treatment. Due to the initial outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the high costs of its treatment, many people insured themselves as quickly as possible, but when the time came and when they clammed, they got only disappointment in return. Will such responses or behaviors of insurance companies does not question their credibility in the future? What do you think about this?
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    This is very challenging position for the life insurance companies which stopped ads on television because there is overwhelming demand for the life policies against the present pandemic and the Insurance clause does not permit the present situation. Having taken aback after the insurance companies showing no sign for the claims of covid patients and treatments, the brewing of discontent among many who paid the premiums either too are fuming for not adhering to the rules. Even the people sought goverment interventions in the matter. Insurance is subject to risk factor and it that could not be claimed, then it is waste.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I never heard about this. But the rates are different. The corporate hospitals are charging very heavily for Corona patients. But insurance companies are not ready to pay as per those rates. They are paying as per the rates decided by the state governments.
    Many hospitals are not accepting direct payment from the insurance company for Corona patients as they will not get the full amounts. The problem is with the hospitals but not with the insurance companies. Ultimately the sufferer is the common man.
    There should be an understanding between the hospitals and the insurance companies so that there will be some ease for the patient. Otherwise mobilising funds is becoming a big problem for the common man to pay to the hospitals.

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