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    Is that necessity to play remaining IPL matches in UAE later ?

    When world in general and India in particular is in the grip of second wave and there is a theat for the third wave across the country any time from now the BCCI is planning IPL remaining matches in UAE in the Month of Sept and Oct this year. As there is no audience at the playground nor any takers of these matches seriously, probably to honor the committments given to the teams who picked the players for price , IPL want to continue the matches later. But is that really necessary keeping in view International best players are involved and their life at risk ?
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    IPL is played for money. BCCI, team management, press-media, players, companies etc all earn money. These people whose main aim is to earn money and money only then how they can tolerate loss of their money. They don't care if coronavirus will spread among masses. Nobody cares if people come in large number to enjoy live matches in stadium, they may get infected.
    I saw a report how much money BCCI earns by IPL, it was approx. 950 crore last year. All elements who are interested in IPL have their sharing in earnings even gamblers earn billions of rupees.

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    This is not required. Why they should expose some people to the threat. Not only players but also many others are also involved in conducting these matches. Many people suffered during the matches conducted earlier in India. Still the pandemic has not gone completely,
    This is nothing but a business. They have spent some money and they want to get profits for their investment. So BCCI wants to complete the remaining matches. But the players should not accept. They may not do that as they will lose money.
    One should know the importance of health and they should not run for the money. They should decide on the dates of the matches on;y after the world is free from Corona and all the population got vaccinated.

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    Very true, when the whole world is suffering from covid bcci is only concerned about crores of money which it can make by conducting the leftover matches. This does not end even here, they want to take sponsorship of ICC World Cup. Even the government is not stopping them. This is similar to the Olympics going to be held in Japan, where government is forcefully conducting games even when whole of country's stakeholders, general public and doctors are warning them about the destruction buy would create to them.

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    When Rome was on fire, the Nero king was fiddling his violin. Similarly, when the whole world is suffering from COVID, should the cricket players play cricket for entertainment? Stop IPL or any other games until the COVID is driven away from the earth.
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