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    Move forward by paving the way

    If anyone thinks that it is the responsibility of the officials responsible to do something then no one will be committed to anything. Like that, if everyone thinks someone else will do it, no one will do anything. If one develops the attitude that it is not his duty, everyone will find an excuse to stay away. The tendency to do something arises from the feeling that what happened to me should not happen to another.

    The distorted idea that I will deal with only things that touch me creates scarecrows. The idea that everyone should have an equal share in matters that affect everyone is a self-found excuse for not taking the initiative. All progress and advancements are made by someone's thought or by someone's start. It is the motivation to become that person that makes the paths smooth and wide.

    All missions may not be perfect when you are alone. But no mission will not be completed if you dare. Those who think that someone else will remove the obstacles will only become the guardians of the obstacles. Those who wish to remove the obstacles will be made navigable by any means.
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    All should work and see that they will fulfil their commitments. Thinking that somebody will do that work and leave, that work will be pending always and no one will do it.
    Once a king asked all the people in his kingdom to bring one-litre milk the next day morning and pour the milk in a big vessel that is kept outside the bungalow of the king. One person thought all people will bring milk and pour it into the vessel. As such he thought that he can pour one bottle of water instead of milk and the king may not be able to identify the same.
    The next day the king asked his assistant and inspect the vessel and his assistant found that there is only water in the vessel but not milk. Every person failed to do his duty properly and the whole thing went in the wrong way. So one should keep in mind that others may also think like him and do wrong deeds.

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    It's normal human tendency of dependence on other, even if we are capable of doing a certain task, we always feel that some other can do it and we leave it. It's always said that several opportunities in your life will come but you have to be alert to grab them, but when we fell that some other will do work in place of us them the same person can take opportunities offered to us and we would wait for whole but never opportunity will come nor the success.

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    Thinking that some other person or some other agency would be doing a thing and we should not bother for it and wait till others do it then it is a big mistake that we are doing and when many people in the society do such mistakes then the society suffers. The growth of the society will be there only when individuals have a willingness to do things themselves and not wait for the external elements. We have to take our own decisions and carve out a path for ourselves and progress ahead preferably in a group. When every individual in a society thinks like that and contributes ones bit to it then only we can hope for a good future for ourselves as well as the whole society.
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    The author has given a clarion call through this post that we must move forward to initiate some thing from our side so that the things gets move and go further. For example during the festivities the big charriots are being taken around the four temple streets. And we know the weight of the chariot and the height of the same would be too big to imagine and pull by vehicles. It has to be done through the efforts of devotees divided into two halves on each side and the long rope would be pulled. Once the charriot starts moving, it should not stop and the controller should change the course of wheels to the right directions as the charriot does not have the breaks and it may run over the devotees if guided to wrong direction. Same way our initiation on any task to incite other to work for the same and the formidable contributions from others would get into right groove.
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    The author has given a good social message. It should be that when every person does any work, then his goal behind his work should not be limited only to himself, but the progress of the society and the sense of well being of the people should also be included in it, but there are very few people who follow this thing. If every person keeps thinking about other people apart from himself, then he can remove many evils from society. People may think that they get happy by getting all the things they want in their life, but it is not so. We feel real happiness and complacency even when someone else can work. The author rightly said that to always think that this work is not mine or it is my responsibility, such thinking actually makes our personality weak. Live your life for yourself and your loved ones this is a good thing for a person but at the same time do something that would be for others, that is humanity, and we should not forget our humanity.

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    It is a human behavior to follow the crowd. Some out of many are daring enough to risk something to start something new. Human are afraid of failures that makes them protective towards their actions, often we are unable to start some afresh because we are afraid of the judgement we might face if we fail. The biggest barrier that comes towards paving the way is the eyes of the society that are ready to judge your every action. However another human tendency is to fight and make invention. Only people with confidence who aren't afraid of judgement and can risk making mistakes will be able to move forward. the only way to make yourself stand out is do things that one else have. Therefore, I do agree with the author. even after the hardship and complication, it is the human who should make way. Someone has to dare to pave the way and move forwards towards the light of improvement and success even if they fall and make continuous mistakes, there is still hope of success and one day they will indeed achieve something that was once believed to be unachievable.
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    When we work in a group, we need to understand the job fully and then the job is allotted to all individually so the same could be completed in time. With the progression of time, some shirk their responsibilities by not participating with full dedication.They think that the job will be done by the remaining members and as such it is not necessary to remain fully engaged for the said job. If the same trend continues, entire mission will fail and for such an act we would be responsible. Let us come forward with the positive mission to complete the task without any consideration of others responsibilities. In that excellence in the job can be achieved. We must carry out our jobs with full dedication and this may stimulate the work culture.

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    This is a universal fact that everybody thinks in this way as the author has written that it is not his duty to do, other people should do it. This question rises when any matter is related to the community or all people. In this situation, everybody keeps staying away from performing it, however, some people who are not like them come forward and do it.
    Why it happens in our society because most of us are selfish and self-centred and confined to our lives. They don't bother to see about others.

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