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    Attending mobile or landline telephone calls with priority

    Though the alert is general, it is very important one especially in this situation. Almost all of us keeping inside without going even to the road of our house or apartment. Many of us do not see the situation in the main road of their area. In this situation, the mobile phone or landline phones are the major communicating agent.
    We should never lethargic in attending phone when we receive a call and on any account we left the call as to missed call. We should think in what urgent or situation the others calling us. Some calls may be less important or casual but without caring others we should not avoid taking. A relative of mine came from his house (which is in the next street) was talking with us casually. At that time a call came in his mobile, that is from his house. He told us without taking the phone that it must be his wife to come home early. But we insist him to call back to know the reason. Without full mind, he call that number but found busy again and again. Later he made up his mind and gone to his house and on reaching his house, he call me over phone that his wife got severe injury by felling down in the bathroom. Since he is not taking phone his son tried all possible numbers to catch him through his mobile.
    So, whatever may be our situation, my request is to attend the phone calls without fail and lazyness.
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    That is correct. We should not ignore any calls. This is more applicable these days. Generally, I keep my mobile for charging in the night and it will be away from my bed and I will not even listen to the ring tone. But these days I started keeping the mobile near to my bed so that I can get if there is any urgent call.
    Last week my uncle was not well and expired at midnight at about 2.00 AM. My cell phone was near to me and their sons gave me a ring at 1, 30 AM me and I could go to them immediately. Thus we may receive some important calls which we can't miss. So I agree with the author that we should not neglect phone calls. The other person may be in a trouble and may require our assistance.

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    For that matter I never put my mobile on switch off or sleeping mode and I know if a call comes at late hour it may be for urgency or passing some important information. I never miss a call and attend them within two rings. But at the same time I have seen people switching of their mobile in the night and not even lifting in the morning. What is the use of mobile recording the miscalls and not attending them later. I do agree these days we are getting more death news from near and dear one and also from freinds. Probably for that reason the people are hesitating to lift the phones for obvious reasons.
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    The author's advice is correct, many times we avoid some calls because it sounds like a casual call to us. Most of the time we have some normal calls coming from people and we think that every call will be normal, but the situation can also be of emergency, so if you are unable to take a call due to any reason, at least make a return call. The person who called us usually will definitely call only us for an emergency too, so instead of avoiding such calls, pick them and ask if there is no urgency then ask them will call later.

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