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    We should respect the elders in our house

    Due to the modernisation and changing times we are forgetting some of the outstanding elements of our culture. Generally families are turning to nuclear mode and few are there still living in the joint mode. Whatever it is, every family at some time or other will have some elders present in it who are generally taken care by the youngsters or the servants if the household is able to afford to hire them. We are supposed to not only take their care by ourselves or servants but also give them the due respect which they truly deserve if we see how they did so many good things for the family in the past when they were active and were in a job. To preserve our true Indian culture and traditions we should inculcate this feeling of respect for elders in our children also and should not forget that one day we will also become elder in the same house.
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    For that matter the mother should teach the child from the beginning to give respect and talk politely to all. And when it comes to elders the respect from the children should be more. No elder would discard the children and they would love to tell stories and keep the child happy. That is the reason being so in many homes children sleep with the side of elders and not the parents. Nevertheless in modern days , the newly parents for going to other countries for green pastures and wont return and the children born over there truly miss the adorable nurturing of grand parents and that should be avoided. Children need grand parents for many things. What I have felt and expreinced that the child learns more than expected through the learning and nurturing of grand parents and they would never go wrong or learn wrong things.
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    I agree that the parents should take care of the elders in the house and also inculcate the good traditions in the children for doing the same thing to their elders. It is our duty to preserve our culture at any cost. The best and only way to do that is through the younger generation who will do it if they see us doing it. We can make them to understand this when they see us doing it.
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    This is a general rule and we discussed the same many times.
    We all know Mahabharata. Pandavas always respected elders. Dharmaraju got down from his vehicle before the start of Kurukshetra and saluted all his seniors even though they are in his rival group. That shows his nature of respecting elders. Whereas Duryodhana never gave any importance to elders and never cared for them. We know what is the outcome of the war. Pandavas won the war and Kauravas lost the war. People who respect elders will be always successful in their lives. Many such incidents in our epics will tell us the importance of respecting the elders in our lives. They will help us with their wisdom and experience when we are in troubles. There are people whom I know who never treated even their parents properly and lost heavily in the latter part of their life.

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    Agree with the author, the elders have always been deserving of respect and we should always maintain this respect for them. Elders are those who live their life just by providing all the facilities to us and by fulfilling all our wishes. This is true that today most of the families are adopting nuclear family trends and that is why children could not get chance to connect with their grandparents and this is also a reason some children do not feel to give respect them as they never knew about their lives. Whatever sacrifices have been done by them should never be forgotten by us. Elders are always respectable and lovable and if one has a heart then definitely love your, elders.

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    A story used to told by mother. A person kept his father in the outside corner of the house with a plate and tumbler made of aluminium and not allowing the father inside the house. His wife also treating the old man like this. One day the old man died and after his all final rites, the man came inside the house by asking the lady to clean the place well where the old man was staying. As they could not find the plate and tumbler, the man and his wife searched the same to throw away. By seeing their searching their son came from inside and asked what they are searching. On hearing from the boy patiently told the parents,"I only kept them safely in my room". Astonished and angered parents asked the boy to throw away them out. They boy refused and told,"No pa, I am keeping them safely for your old age."
    Similar to this story, if we give respect others and especially elders in the house automatically our children get the habit of respecting others and our elders. We should be role model for them through our actions.

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    Yes, that is always essential. Whatever you are now it is because of the elders and for that, a child must be taught the role of the elders in the family so that they do not disrespect any elder in the family or outside. The best way to teach a child is to lead by example. Unfortunately, in many families the surrounding is different and many parents remain busy with themselves without thinking much for the proper mental growth of the child. This can create a lot of problems and maybe because of that, we find many children not respecting the elders. Another thing is the mutual respect between the family members. Everyone in the family must respect each other and by doing this, the sense of respect among the children will grow.

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    I feel pain for those old men and old women who are left helpless by their son/sons. How a person can be so cruel about these old people who sacrificed their happiness for raising their children. when they became old, why they became a burden on their issues. It is pathetic. Often, it is heard that old people were left in Kumbh fair or on the road or the railway station by their issues and these hapless people are left to keep on waiting for their return.
    It is a serious matter for everybody. Why we lose respect for our elderly people/ our parents? Being materialistic does not incite us to become so much cruel about them.
    There is something wrong with young people. These elderly people are like shady trees, under which everyone can feel safety, security, protection, blessings, peace and love. Those who realise and understand their importance are fortunate and surely, they will remain happy if they take care of these elderly people.

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    I went to an old age home a few years ago where I had given some food items to my family, there some people were happy that they are getting shelter and food but most of the people were sad because there is nothing more of feelings and love of loved one. Please give respect to the elders and do not leave them helpless in the last days of their life like this, do not forget that we are a part of this world because of them.

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