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    The biggest challenge what we are facing is Boredom

    As we are habituated to be busy and moving in the life, stay put at one place hours together and days together is something which we never gone through previously for so many days and counting. People have money, have work, but how long the work would be done, and having no other activities, the boredom is killing us in big way. Watching television and being on computer has become wasted affair now and many seek going out and enjoy the fresh air. But we are tied and controlled by the rules and stay put in the house. Boredom is something which is eaging our patience altogether.
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    We all are gregarious by nature and are not getting the opportunity to talk and gossip with the fellow beings the way as we were doing it earlier. So, that has brought a void in the life of many people and is a sad matter. Video conferencing and other mediums are very virtual in their nature and they do not give the satisfaction of face to face sitting over a cup of hot tea and snacks.
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    During the lockdown, local administration is very strict and especially in those cities where cases are still coming. Feeling bored because of being at home is better than going out and exposing oneself to the virus. This lockdown will continue for some weeks or months. It is not only for you or me, rather it's for everyone. So what you are feeling, your friend might be feeling the same boredom. We can share our time with our family members.
    This information is being viralled on WhatsApp that in some of the districts which are in the green zone, some relief will be given to people. It is going to be implemented from Monday. According to this information, the market will be opened from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. But there is no exemption or relief on Saturday and Sunday.
    The most important reason is that elections in five states, especially, in U.P. are going to be held in 2022, so this virus should be expelled at the earliest.

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    Boredom seems to reduce a person's patience, I agree with the author's statement. The present situation has been such that we have been locked in our house for almost 1 year, but still, we consider ourselves to be fortunate to have their family and that family is the biggest strength at this time. There are two aspects to every coin and we should look at both. While living in houses, we are seeing one aspect that we are not getting the air and atmosphere of outside, but the other aspect also needs to be understood. This lockdown has improved the relationship of many people, where there was a lack of time, now it is enough time for the loved ones. Many people have been able to determine the direction for themselves by recognizing their talent. I think this boredom and loneliness are more dangerous for people who are probably lonely.

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    Going out in the open, do shopping, walk in the garden, chit chatting with the friends, have dining outside as per ones financial condition, and many more such indulgences, we are missing today and it is natural that will bring boredom and dullness in our lives. I know some people who used to visit their friends or relatives houses every week and others also visited them and it was always a big fun to have tea and snacks together over a long series of gossips and talks from both the sides. What can be a better way to pass time for those who are social and have inclination for social gatherings.
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    That is true. Prolonged lockdowns are causing boredom. But the protocols are necessary for having better health of the nation. So it is always better to manage the boredom by some indoor activities. All the members in the house can play, sing and dance together to overcome this boredom. Reading books, spending some time on social media and then watching TV are some of the best time pass activities.
    In our house generally, we will pass out time by sitting together and talk something. Some may participate actively and some will be hearing the discussion. We have 3 children in our family with us and they are a good source for our activity. Talking to them. playing with them will give us a lot of happiness and we will enjoy the time with them
    Another activity which will make us happy is cooking. If we try our hand the ladies in the house will be happy and we will also have a good time pass.

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