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    What's happening in Lakshadweep?

    Is the Central Government pretending not to notice the unrest in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep? Is it true that the governance reforms in Lakshadweep are for the good of the people? What is the position of the Central Government in Lakshadweep? Wouldn't these problems be solved if there is a Legislative Assembly instead of administrator governance?
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    What I know about Lakshadweep is - The island is occupied only by Muslim community. No other religion exists in that island. None other than Muslims can live there, and others can just visit the island. It is like Kashmir where others cannot buy any property in that island.
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    When a community dominates a place or the region surely the minorities cannot live and exist and there fore unrest is for sure and for that central cannot be blamed. The opposition parties which want to bring bad name to the central govt would harp on such issues which are not seen before and by creating unrest the so called parties want to earn the name that they are champions of the particular community. Those who could not set right the things during their regime are now expecting far reaching decision from the center and that too without any good suggestion or concrete proposals.
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    Having seen this thread I searched different sites to know what the issue is. The same is summerised here.
    Lakshadeep comprises 36 islands, out of which 26 are depeopled and 10 islands are inhabited. 95% are Muslims. These islands stretch between one to three k.m. in length, so no vehicles are required here. This is the only place in India which is the most peaceful because it is almost crime-free. Prisons are empty. People are happy and live peacefully. They hate liquor. They have their own culture and they don't want that outsiders should be allowed to destroy their culture, peace and harmony. It has been in practice that the Administrator of the island is a retired IAS officer who takes his decision or implements new policies after consultation with the MP.
    New Administrator P.K.Patel, former home minister of Gujarat government has issued some new policies without consulting the MP of the island.
    - Liquor will be allowed
    - Beef will be banned
    - Local authorities may acquire any land
    - Protesting against new policies may put protestors in jail for one year without any legal proceedings
    - Outsiders can purchase land
    - Those who have more than two children can't contest local body elections.

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    There has been a lot of political issues in Lakshadweep for the last few days, mainly because of the dispute between the administrator and local leaders. It is true that there is a large section of the Muslim community on Lakshadweep, but at the same time, some people of any other religion also reside, and for this reason, when the provisions related to religion start to be made for the state or place, then such disputes arise. In such places, often the community with a large community tries to make rules according to itself and this can be opposed by the local people. In Lakshadweep, it is not easy to decide whether the idea of ??assembly is right or wrong. It is being said by the public and leaders that the present administrator is making laws without consulting the public and other elected officials members, and it would be against democracy. This law is something related to banning the killing of some animals, and as most of those people are non-vegetarians, then it is natural to dispute it,

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    In a democratic set up people are free to observe their religion and culture and to that extent there is no problem in a democracy. The problem crops up when people start practicing their religion or other such cultural things considering them above the nation and any community Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, or Christian if does that then it is not admissible. So it is a give and take situation where every community should refrain from crossing those boundaries which create conflict and confrontation with the national interest. For example if tomorrow Govt says that there will be compulsory military training in our country for all the youngsters crossing the age of 21 then no community should oppose it because it is connected to the defence and integrity of the nation. So if all communities think in those lines then only we will be a successful democracy. Otherwise we will fight among us and other countries will take advantage of our weakness and attack us and make us their servant as had happened in the past.
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    What is happening in Lakshadweep is something that should never have happened in a democratic nation. One needs to realise and understand the motive behind all these changes that are being brought into the land, life and culture of the people of this Union Territory. A land, known for its natural beauty, peace and people has been turned into a land where nature and the happiness of the people has been trampled upon. The moves by the administrator who is nothing more than a puppet of the ruling front at the centre is a direct interference into their indigenous lifestyle, livelihood, happiness and peace and that too by force. Is Lakshadweep not under our democratic setup? Don't the people out there have the rights ensured by our Constitution? No one can be allowed to flout the existing basics of the law of our land to further their political or personal interests. This act by the BJP and the centre needs to be condemned. The rulers must also follow the rules. We are not living in Hitler's Germany!
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    Why should an area be occupied only by a particular community, why not others? India is one. Lakshadweep is part of India and should follow the rules of the land. Why others cannot buy land and live in Lakshadweep islands? There are many islands in Lakshadweep group. If others are permitted to buy land and settle there, the island would flourish and tourism would develop.
    However, I do not welcome the move of the Administrator imposing laws in that land.

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    It is true that new rules should not be imposed on the public residing there. Before that the matter is to be examined whether there is really a need to change the rules. If yes then how the people there were being governed under a different set of rules than that of the other parts of the country. Until this is understood and resolved clearly, the local people will not be happy with the sudden imposition of the new rules.
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    We have several other states where non- resident of the state or outsiders can't purchase land e.g. in Northeastern states, Himachal Pradesh etc.

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