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    The opening sentences tell the mood of the person

    When we meet known people or talk to our friends or relatives then we have some starting formalities like wishing each other and salutations of all kinds depending upon our closeness and degree of acquaintance. After that only we come down to the business at hand or chit chatting if no particular issue is there to talk. Most of the time we find the mood and state of the mind of the other person just by the tone of the salutations and opening sentences. Have you also observed or experienced such a thing when you meet known people and start communicating with them?
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    The observation of the author is absolutely right and I agree with her observation. it often happens that when we meet different times from the same person, then when we meet him, we get some difference during communication with him and this difference starts to be reflected in the initial words only. When I was a little girl, those days when my father came back from the office, my mother got to know about his mood after coming home from the office and she used to tell to me that today Papa is a bit tired or upset due to some office work, so don't make too much noise and I hurry Used to sit and start reading my school books. Now it is easy for me to understand what others mood is like and then I start communication as per their mood, understanding is that if someone is your special person and you always want to maintain good relations with that person, then talk according to the mood.

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    Some people have the knack of starting the discussion with so much personal saluations and the opposite person does not even sense that a bigger complaint is in the offing and that cannot be responsded. Even in customer care some customers would not bounce on the executive attending them and they slowly come into pitch of complaint after the executive feels accustomed with the way the talking was going on. Nevertheless those who are in public relations and customer care are bound to get good number of complaints and they are habituated to it. But how to deal with everyone is the take.
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    Our mood at that moment can be understood by others based on how we start our talk. We may be initiating the talk or we may be responding to the others points, we will start our talk based on our mood and also on the mentality of the other person also. That is why many people enquire about the mood of the boss before they go and talk to their boss. But all people may not show their feelings. Some people even though they are angry with the other person never show that in his words. He will show his unhappiness at an appropriate time.
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    Though we might be well mannered but due to certain circumstances, we might be loosing patience. This could be due to non adherence of the norms. Suppose a man standing behind the line is entertained while booking a ticket at the Railway Counter and you are sidelined. It may definitely escalate annoyance. This might cause a rift between the clerk and the affected man. We are bound to behave with dignity if the situation is normal. We need a lot of practice to maintain normal moods even in the adverse situations and the better we practice it, the better. At least, we will be benefited in keeping our health better avoiding the unnecessary tensions.

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    There is no denying that one knows one's current mood from one's speech. But it is a myth that everyone's mood can be understood from the initial greetings or formal greetings. Everyone has different abilities. Many may be congenital, while others may have been nurtured through regular practice or training. One of these is the ability to control our stress and our happiness without displaying it in front of others. In other words, the ability to control our emotions.

    It takes a lot of conversations to recognize the mood of someone who has acquired this ability. No matter how much they talk, many people can keep their emotions in their minds. They often escape without being caught by us. But there are those in society who do not possess such an ability. They can be very sensitive. We do not need to hear the beginning of a conversation, we can recognize their mood by looking at their faces.

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    It is true that we can know a great deal about the person and his mood from the starting lines in his talks with other people. It is simple psychological matter as the tone and mannerism in which a person speaks gives a detailed condition of his mental situation. A sad man will have a distinct tone of speaking than that of a happy person who will be jumping with the surroundings and his facial expressions will be altogether different from that of the sad person. If a person is very self controlled and patient and can keep a tab on ones emotions then probably it will not be easy to guess his mind at that point of time.
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    "How is the mood of the boss?" This is a common question asked in an office. It may happen with you that you are mentally disturbed because your boss has scolded you in your office and your friend or colleague is pulling your leg. Effortlessly you utter," My mood is off. Please don't tease me".
    All such incidents happen in our lives almost daily. Sometimes, we don't like to get disturbed by anyone, we should also see if somebody is disturbed or annoyed or sulky or worried or for any other reason he just wants to be alone, in this situation we should not disturb him.
    Experience teaches us how to recognise a person by his body language or facial expression or way of conversation. E.g. if someone does not have good relation with you and generally, he does not talk to you but one day he begins to talk to you very cordially. You will immediately realise that something is fishy from his end or there should be some specific reason for his good behaviour.

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