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    Self-help groups can be made export-oriented as well

    In Tamil Nadu, we do have a large number of self-help groups. These are essentially voluntary groups of self-employed women who manufacture pickles or manage small catering establishments or run the small stitching outfits from their homes and so on. each of the women reportedly earn more than Rs 10000 per month and have effectively come out of poverty. There are several children of such families who are highly educated today, and are occupying various good positions in the Corporate sector.

    The situation may be the same in other States as well. These self-help groups are not so much affected by Covid, since they operate from residential localities. There is a need to make such self-help groups export-oriented. For example, if they can design good jute bags with good designs, there will always be good demand in the foreign countries. All that we need to do is to identify a good market through personal contacts or through Govt agencies and help them. This is quite possible.
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    This is good to know that women are working at home and earning a handsome amount for themselves. Women should be self reliant and this is the best way to have self reliance and self dependence. But other aspect of this matter is that male members of these families don't earn sufficient amount so that their families may live comfortably. Most probably these women are working to earn money for their families because are their husbands shirk performing their duty.
    I see this situation in several cities e.g. Aligarh city is famous for Locks. So lower class or poor families are involved in doing kind of menial jobs at their homes. They bring material and do it at home.

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    In Andhra Pradesh, such groups are called Dwkra groups. These groups are working in a group and earning money. They are getting loans at a very small rate of interest. If in a group there are 10 members each will be getting up to one lakh based on the nature of the business. Every village is having 2 or 3 such groups and they are getting good amounts. They may be doing some good business or a part of the money they are lending to others for a high rate of interest and getting good profits. This Dwakra scheme is implemented in the State when Chandra Babu was the Chief Minister.
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    There is a lot of export potential for many of the Indian preparations and if it is hygienically made and quality is maintained then self help groups can be benefited by this. This of course requires stringent observation of quality control and these groups should adhere to the industry standards in this matter. Even a single mistake in the preparation or wrong export supply will make the reputation down cancelling the future orders.
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