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    Have you seen real action on the ground in your places?

    The Tamil Nadu situation is extremely gratifying to any normal human being. We see action over. The corrupt officials are being dismissed immediately. We have one CM who even risks his life by wearing a PPE kit and going inside a Corona patients ward in Coimbatore and conversing with the patients.

    We need such solid action. The real message is that the officials cannot talk rubbish and keep quiet. It has been reported that the Chief Secretary, a brilliant scholar, has been keeping the entire administration on toes. The corrupt elements have been kept at bay. It is just not Covid alone. It is improvement in Governance. We need more of such honest officers.

    Now, do you have or are you seeing good action in your places? The media is not reporting much. The Kerala situation is a glorious example. People get together irrespective of caste or creed or party and get down to work. If you have such specific action instances, please share them here.
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    Chandrababu Naidu the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is the best example for such actions. During his tenure, he did many such things. There was a big cyclone in Visakhapatnam and the whole city was in dark and lost heavily. He went there, sat there for 10 days without going anywhere, mingled with the people and saw that normalcy will be restored within 3 days times. Today the city is a different city and one of the best cities in our country. The current was restored in just one day. He made all his officers responsible and saw that they deliver the best. He is the best CM I have seen. But he lost in the next elections. Why and what is known to only the voters who voted against him.
    Ig the new CM of Tamilnadu works with the same spirit and energy there will be a good development in the state. But we actually don't know what are the expectations from the voters,

    always confident

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    Rights and leaders are always expected to do good work and good governance and this is their ultimate duty, in such a situation, some positive news and steps bring hope that perhaps times are changing. After the arrival of the Corona epidemic, where corruption has increased on one side, on the other hand, we have seen many new great faces who have proved the example of humanity. If the Chief Minister of every state runs the government with strictness and works in the interest of the public by keeping the officials under control, then corruption can end soon in the country.

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