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    Selective limited tourism can open up

    The entire tourism industry has suffered a massive blow. The employees of lodges and the hotel's who have lost their jobs are helpless. We do hear some horror stories on social media as well.

    Wherever the infection is well under control, why not open up tourism in a limited way? The hotels can be sanitized, social distancing can still be enforced and the buses can possibly ply to the bare minimum extent. Yet, there can be some economic activity. If there are good examples of limited tourism already in operation, please do share such vital information. Perhaps we can write to the authorities to open up a little more to ensure that the economic engine does not stop at all.
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    The suggestion that given by the author has already been implemented by some state governments. I don't know how appropriate it is going to be or not, but now tourism is being opened up. I am a resident of Madhya Pradesh and recently it has been decided that all the national parks in the state will be opened for tourists from June 1, for now, the date has been set from June 1 to June 30 only, it may extend as per the situation. Madhya Pradesh has always been very famous for its national parks and sanctuaries and due to being a major attraction for tourists, they also contribute to the state's revenue. Although the announcement clearly states that this tourism program will be started only after following all the corona protocols, but still tourists should take responsibility for their safety. Tourism is not more valuable than life, we should keep this in mind.

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    Yes, it is true that if proper precautions are taken up then activities related to some sectors like tourism which are the most important for revenue generation for the local people as well as business houses and also for the Govt in terms of taxes etc. can be started gradually. The main problem what we face is in implementing the various safety precautions which are advised by the experts and due to some slippage in that we again get caught up in the deadly trap of this virus which spreads very fast if it gets the smallest opportunity to do so. If we all take proper measures in this respect then we can definitely open up activities in many other sectors also.
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    Almost every industry is at a standstill in lockdown. The tourism industry and hotel industry both are suffering loss. Many employees have lost jobs. Most of the employees of other sectors/business establishments have lost jobs too. We have to wait how long this lockdown continues. But I am apprehensive that after the lockdown we are going to face a big economic crisis in our country. We will face a bulk of problems.
    The author has sympathy about these employees of hotel and tourism industries who have lost their jobs, so he has given this suggestion. I think this is not the right time to leave our homes for touring. Instead, we should stay behind doors.

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    It is just not the shops. Even the small traders, who sell things like glass bangles, clips, plastic items, unbranded clothes, jute bags, and so on, have been badly affected. It is learned that they would make at least Rs.200 per day, and today, that is gone. And all temples are closed. Maybe, with adequate social distancing and even compulsory wearing of gloves, the temples may be open. Those selling, flowers and so on will at least get something to eat.

    Of course, the PDS shops should supply rations to even migrant workers. Furthermore, the rich can always pitch in with cooked food. This is going on in several places, but it has to improve manifold for people to stay alive. Tourism may be opened up for a limited number of hours, say, three hours per day.

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    I think the author is preparing the ground to attack the Central Government again. He wants India to encounter 3rd wave of Covid-19 through his suggestions. He is in very much hurry to open up the Economy even when the 2nd wave of Covid-19 is not fully under control. He just pretends to show empathy towards the poor to prepare his ground.

    Just if he compares Covid-19 deaths with Starvation deaths in India, he will not make these type of suggestions.

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    No. I don't feel it is correct. We should wait for some more time. Every day we are getting more than a lakh cases even now. If we allow travelling the virus will spread fast. Then we will start blaming the government. Why they allowed this. Some knives will be sharp on both sides. If they allow we will criticise and if they don't allow also we will criticise.
    Unlocking was done very slowly during the first wave and normalcy almost achieved in January this year. But people ignored the warnings given and moved freely without taking any precautions. We have seen 2nd wave. If the public understands the severity of the problem and behaves themselves following all the protocols, the cases may comedown. Then only one can think of tourism or limited tourism.

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    The author is not worried about the lives of the people. Earlier, he wanted the Railways to operate trains during the pandemic. Now the pandemic is ON with its second wave. And now he wants tourism should be open. What I strongly recommend is - we should not be interested in such things until we drive away corona completely from our land. No sports, No tourism. Keep quiet.Let the rich of India feed the poor and the jobless.

    The author is trying to open the gates for the 3rd wave of COVID-19.

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    I had not criticized the Central Govt at all. I had only suggested that in some States where the virus is less, a little bit of tourism can be encouraged. Even in Tamil Nadu, a little bit of opening of some temples and other tourist places was done in a very phased manner. Obviously it cannot be done in Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu or Kerala or Karnataka. For example, visiting parks with strict regulations on the number of visitors. However, one Mr.Bhuvan has pounced on me without understanding the spirit of the thread. It is sad but I have to move on.

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    The country can't close down for longer periods. Selective opening up is required to take care of the economy. No one knows when this virus will be eradicated or brought under control. We have to learn to live with this . Whether it is tourism or any other field, opening up with caution is necessary. The after-effects of close down will be far more serious if lockdowns only are taken as a solution. We are all exposed to a risk. We have to take the necessary precautions and start our regular life.
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    Noooo. Opening the Economy is not a solution at the present situation. Anyhow essential commodities are available even during the lock down period. We already have a precedence in front of us in the form of 2nd wave of Covid-19. We should not commit the same mistake again. Until unless at least 50 percent of our population takes 1st dose of vaccination, we should not dream to open the Economy at all. We have observed in UK and US that when these countries vaccinated 50 percent of their population even with single dose, Covid-19 cases got drastically reduced. So, we should take those countries as examples.

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    What about the people who live on their daily earnings? How can they feed and support their families? So far about 10% of the population is vaccinated with a single dose or two doses. The government says, the entire population will be vaccinated by this year's end. We have to wait and see. The differential pricing and change of rules regarding procurement by the centre and state governments are causing confusion. We cannot look at only one side that is the population capable of sustaining with lockouts. The people selling vegetables and other grocery items are selling only because they have to sustain themselves. Opening up with necessary precautions after the present lockdown period is good.
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    Yesterday, here the market was opened after an order of collectrated by following all the protocols but when I saw today's newspaper, the situation is quite worrying. A picture is shown on the top of the newspaper that shows the rush of yesterday on the market and police and other worries getting frustrated to make them understand and try to manage protocols. I do not understand why the public never want to understand the situation, do they really think that it's just a myth of corona, and there is nothing like it. People are showing so negligence that is unbearable. After watching this scenario government and local administration have to think again regarding opening up tourism or any place.

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    That is why I have mentioned previously to compare the Covid-19 deaths with Starvation deaths in order to understand the severity of Covid-19. Children, who are being orphaned by Covid-19, can become societal and economical problem in future. People, who are living on daily wages can borrow some money from their near and dear. The government and philanthropists can distribute some ration and other essential items for free for some time. The Government should chalk out some plans to speed up the vaccination process.

    As Swathi Sharma has mentioned, people are not in a mood to follow the Covid-19 protocols even if they know how severe it is outside unless strict lock downs are implemented. In Odisha, the lock down was implemented from the past 25 days, still the cases are hovering around the same level till now. People are making the markets a mess during 7 AM to 11 AM, the time duration for buying essential items. Are there any alternatives other than lock downs? Members can suggest.

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    Our great political leaders themselves did not follow any protocols in the recently concluded assembly elections. The governments which are supposed to stop gatherings have turned a blind eye to Kumbhmela where lakhs of people gathered. In such conditions expecting the public to behave properly when they go shopping during permitted hours is too much. It is expected behavior. Gradual easing of lockdown with due precautions is the only solution. The second wave is due to negligence and overconfidence only.

    Death due to covid is understandable. It is a virus and the patient may survive or not depending on the treatment. Death due to hunger is the failure of society.

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    Elections and Kumbhmela shouldn't have happened.

    We should also think in a logical way. If we are not expecting the public to follow Covid protocols even during the permitted hours, how can we expect that the same public will take due precautions through out the day when there is unlock. When the 3rd wave swings in, we will again blame it as negligence.

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    There are risks. We have to take a calculated risk. Our public is not that much disciplined. In April, this year, the Prime Minister of Norway, Ms. Erna Solberg was fined by their police for breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules during her birthday celebrations. Can we expect any such thing in our country? We can expect that covid protocols will not be followed once restrictions are taken off. Gradual opening up is the only solution.
    I do not expect a third wave but even it happens, the government will be cautious as their mismanagement attracted a lot of criticism.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    In my opinion, the lock down and unlock decisions should be decentralised completely and they should be given to the district or even to the block authorities. It should not be on a nationwide or statewide. Depending on the severity of their respective areas, the district or the block authorities should take a decision.

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    I don't think it is the opportune time to unlock some places keeping in view of diminishing trend of the corona in some of the regions. This will create some frustration between the rest of masses. It is quite possible that in the initial days, they may behave rationally but with the progression of time, the proper safety norms might be relaxed. We all are notorious in this regard. We are witnessing the diminishing trend no doubt. If we extend the period for some more time say for a fortnight, the situation may be more conducive.

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    I think the intention of the author is not bad. He has a soft corner for those people who earn on daily basis. If they are stopped from earning for a week or so their life will get affected. It is also a fact when the situation gets out of control only then lockdown is imposed as the last option.
    The second wave of coronavirus is still in the country. Thousands of people have died.
    Who is responsible for these deaths has not been decided yet?
    Is it central government? Or state governments? Or people?

    I hope to see that coronavirus is washed away from our country soon and we resume our normal life.

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    This forum thread is very interesting after seeing the responses of members. As one member told that it is knife having sharpness on both sides. One side, there is loss of wealth and food to middle class and low class people. On other side, living on the earth becomes questionable while carona virus spreading in our country.

    So, governments are also not in position to think about the revenue by putting the public in the mouth of carona. At this crucial time, the only victims are people so they have to take responsibility to follow the precautions atleast. It may do good to the society, otherwise no one helps to the mankind.

    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Unless otherwise public understands the seriousness of the problem and behave themselves properly, the risk of Corona will be there. By all means the governments are trying to educate the people and see that they will observe all the protocols. The government of AP has given relaxation from morning 6 AM to 12 NOON for the people to get their essential commodities. But if we see on the roads many people, without any preventive measures, standing on the roads and they go on talking to others. Who will control them. Government can give some relaxation to people for travelling but everybody will start moving and they never care about protocols. Then again we all will start criticizing the governments. I think still time has not come for opening up of travelling and tourism.
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