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    Why not follow the AP model of reaching people?

    Whatever may be his shortcomings, in AP, the CM, Jagan is reportedly taking everything to the masses. Even groceries are reaching the people at places very close to their residences. There is a total lockdown in many States. Even hotels are not be to be open. Most people do not risk going to any hotel. So, the hotels are themselves closing down and even those who travel by cars for six hours, seem to carry their own food. They of course, have the e-passes as applicable.

    Now, why not follow the AP model everywhere? Starting today, the Tamil Nadu Govt is doing it. Hope it will take some shape. We really do not know how things will take shape. Now, we need the Govts to support the common man like never before. Things have to improve all over. Why not even allow the textile traders to go to the residential localities?
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    This is a great achievement of AP government to facilitate masses the grocery etc at their door step or in their locality. This should be taken as a role model planning by the state government. In some states situation is worst, even speaking about your problems to others or asking for help online / on any social media platform entails you in problem.

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    In fact, villages where there is no covid case should be exempted from the lock down. Lock down should be restricted to cities and towns only. Even if lock down is imposed in villages, the small grocery shops should be left open for the villagers to buy their grocery needs. Authorities harass the village shop keepers unnecessarily.

    I appreciate if groceries and vegetables are delivered at the doors in towns and cities.

    This is time to recognize the containment zones and impose further lock down in those areas only.

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    The chief minister of AP is doing a commendable job providing groceries to their people at their door steps during this lockdown period. It is definitely a commendable job and other states should follow the footprint of AP if they are serious in extending help for their people especially when the lockdown phase is continuing almost all over the country. If you have the eagerness to help the people, no one can prevent you from doing the same. To help the people emanate from heart. He must be appreciated for his noble task and hope other chief ministers of different states would take some constructive approach during this lockdown period to alleviate their hardships.

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