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    Why not have English subtitles for really good Television serials?

    Not everything is bad, anyway. There is one fabulous television serial called Pandian Stores now on in Tamil on a famous television channel. This is the largest viewed television serial and talks about the virtues of the joint family system.

    The serial is simply superb. There are no vulgar dialogues, not violence, and no degradation of women. In fact, the main character is a woman, who takes on the mantle of serving the household and taking care of her brothers-in-law. The affection shown is infectious and it has reportedly changed so many women, according to many reports. Am not too sure if the serial has been dubbed in Telugu or any other language.

    However, if such fabulous serials have subtitles in English, they can become national sensations and also make people think of different ways of living.
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    I totally agree with the author. India has a variety of language and the inability of people to understand all of them have not only restricted them while communicating but also in things like these. Not every India will be able to understand all the languages and that restrict them to enjoy the serials as well as movies of other language. There are masterpieces in all languages and everyone irrespective of the differences should be able to enjoy it. Dubbing has become a popular way to do so however most of the time it is far from accurate therefore subtitles can actually be very beneficial in this case. Most of the educated Indians are well spoken English speakers therefore English subtitles will enable them to watch these masterpieces and it can indeed become national sensations.
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    It is good to have English subtitles for good movies or serials on TV. Then the people who never see these serials may start seeing such serials. Then they will get more publicity and may do good businesses. The very famous serials Ramayana and Mahabharath were dubbed in other languages also.
    English being universal, a bigger percentage of people may be able to understand the language which will be good and the producers can good revenue for the same. I appreciate the idea of the author.

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    Subtitles are very useful for the viewers as everyone will like to see the other language programs either in their own language or English language. Good TV serials can try to incorporate it in their videos so that other people can also enjoy these outstanding programmes made in other languages. I have some interesting experience in this matter as I liked to see some old English movies especially belonging to the time 1945 to 1960. My interest was mainly in suspense, thriller, and other such movies which had a good story line. When I started to view them using various modes then I found that understanding their pronunciation was a big problem for me and I was not able to understand many dialogues though they were in English only. Someone gave me an idea of using subtitles and then I downloaded subtitles from some relevant subtitle internet sites and put that file with the movie video in a folder and while playing the movie selected that file through the menu given in the video player. I was really thrilled to see that after that it was so easy for me to follow the story and then I had seen so many movies like that. Anyway, nowadays many movies in You Tube or other such sites come with automatic subtitles. Let us hope that TV serials also adopt this technique. Only thing is that these subtitles will be the translated ones from the base language to other language or English whatever the case may be.
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