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    Let's maintain righteousness

    We all like to say that we are always right. It's good. But, everyone is right until they are caught by the law, or it is cross-checked whether it is right or wrong. But often our actions may not be so right. We have the right to prove that we are right, even after we are also caught. Great lawyers are hired to argue and prove we are right. But, even if we escaped by the merit of the lawyers' argument, our action must be legally right in all respect. Otherwise, the higher courts will rule that our actions were not right; we may be punished. Similarly, there are many people who, despite the wrong actions, are saved by the efforts of efficient lawyers. Needless to say, it was not desirable. Because even if the unrighteous deeds are somehow justified on the earth, they will never be validated in the court of the Almighty God.
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    At present, we are seeing the most such examples where people with money, rich people, and powerful people are proved right before the court even after committing wrongdoing because the roots of disease called corruption is making the faith of everyone, hollow. The author has said that no matter how much anyone in this world does wrong and proves himself right, his faults have been recorded on the court of God and only the final decision of that God will decide who was right and who was wrong. If we look at God from the point of view, then the person who is leading the life of humanity and service is the basis, but really such people are always proved right. There are many people around us who may not have done any wrong thing but still there is no end to the struggles in their life. We all can try to solve this right and wrong game together, but no one has the answer.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the recent happenings of cheater Choksi caught in a country and when India wants his deportation, his lawyer came with the rule that he no longer Indian citizen and citizen of a particular country and thus guarded by their rules. So this is the clear case of escapism for the wrong doers as they take citizenship and under that guard they make financial fraud and escape the country and here the righteousness is not followed and the country rules and regulations are taken for a big ride. If this is the case, we cannot book big fradsters who fled this country and wanted.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a war between truth and falsehood and everywhere falsehood appears to be winning against the truth. It is very tough to survive. Truth is considered as stupidity and singularity. It is the ugly face of our present system.
    The author has mentioned about court, cases, lawyers etc. Corruption is everywhere. It was about two or three decades ago. My cousin sent me to the district court premises and asked me to meet a lawyer. It was a matter of the next date of a case. The advocate told me where I had to go and told me to give Rs 10/- to court clerk and he would give a new date. I went and met him. The magistrate was sitting in his chair and the clerk was taking Rs 10/- from every person. I was thinking "Magistrate is sitting here and his clerk is taking bribe in his presence". I was astonished to see this business.
    I think we should try to be a truthful person because in the long run truth wins.

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    Our righteousness in this world depends on the lawyers we engage to argue on our behalf in court. A lawyer may be able to prove the right candidate as wrong. A lawyer is supposed to see that an innocent person will not get punished. But our lawyers making the reverse by accepting money from the people who did wrong. So the wrong people are on the roads and innocent people are suffering in jail. One more point which we never know is how truth in the lower court becomes a lie in the higher court. This is also in the hands of the lawyer.
    But in the court of Yama, there is only one lawyer that is Chitragupta and he will not spare anybody even though he was a rich man on the earth. For him, no arguments are required and his record is the final. So one can't escape from his court of law. If all remember this and behaves themselves properly there will not be any requirement of lawyers on those earth.

    always confident

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