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    Learning from seniors-1

    By studying or reading from books we can learn many things from seniors.
    Once the richest person Rockefeller travelling in a flight. A person sat by his side was casually talking with him. Amidst their talk he asked,'You have accumulated a good quantum of wealth by business,then you are still flying here and there on your business?'.
    Rockefeller, countered him,'our flight have come to a specific height, why don't the pilot switched off the engine?'. The friend replied,'our flight will down and got total collapse'.
    Rockefeller,'Similar to that the efforts and hardworking, if we drop our hand by thinking we have come to a level, our total fall is sure'.
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    Learning is the continued process and there is no stopping for learning either from the expereince, seniors or even the children. So many social media videos are coming in which the small children are giving speech flawlessly and also giving reasons for their decision and observations. Such was their knowledge as they are ready to answer any question and that proves in the young age children are kept informed about many thing. And getting information and knowledge from seniors is the treasure. We may study books and even listen to the discourses counducted by eminments of the subject, but when we sit with the seniors and talk on any subject, they would cerainly share the indepth of any subject and also add few new things that would be bonus for us. For me I always made freinds with those who are elder to us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Man has been learning a lot for the rest of his life. That learning can be through reading, sight, or hearing. Often there is much to learn not only from adults but also from young children. Those who engage in any activity still need to continue their studies for the development and further completion of the activity in which they engage. The study was not size-sensitive. Buy and keep all the things we need, from where and how much we get. We must always keep in mind the adage that knowledge increases when it is given. Therefore, if we are willing to give more to others than we receive, our intellect will grow accordingly. Our small and tiny conversations with others also are the exchanging knowledge. So we shall interact with seniors and juniors alike.
    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    True, people often reach a certain height in life and many times the people feel very confident and feel that even if they do nothing, they have got enough. But actually, we should never stop making efforts, same as we can stop breathing until we alive, in the same way, we can not stop applying efforts until we can do so. Many persons are there in the world who are still fighting for more and fore success and bringing new business ideas for profit and people. Hard work is one of the most important keys to being in the position where you want and help to maintain it.

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    Once someone asked a great scholar who was famous for his deep knowledge that how many books he had read. He humbly told the names of his three great teachers.
    Teachers are the treasure of knowledgee how much we may collect from this treasure depends on our interest, grasping power and absorbing ability. Reaching on top is not easy because you have to defeat every rival or competitor to be winner but after winning something or achieving any target, the next round of keeping this victory or achievement intact is more difficult.
    The message of this thread is intended to be constant in our efforts.

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    Some people will be happy with whatever they have. They will continue their efforts to be in that position and manage the life at that level only. They will have a family life as well as a work-life also.
    But some people want to raise to the top position and they work day and night for that position. They ignore all other issues and continue hard work. Once they reach that position, they will taste the luxuries in life and they want always such life only. So, they have to struggle throughout their life for the same.
    How much height we have to fly is the choice of the individual. If you are happy with a limited height you will be always safe only.

    always confident

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