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    Who is the Judge of what you do is right or wrong?

    We all are humans who are bound to do mistakes throughout this journey of life. We often preform certain task that are judged as wrong by others however we believe that they are right. On the other hand there are certain things that are perceived as right by others but we are well aware that they aren't. So who should be the last one to judge ourselves? We are often the prime of judgements of others and we easily get affected by it, even after what we did was our best outcome we often get biased by other's opinion and become uncertain of what is right or wrong.
    According to me, we are the judge of our actions and no one else. The last one to judge us should be us. It might sound superficial but being in authority of your actions makes you more accountable too, even if your judgement about something comes out wrong you can blame yourself and correct yourself. However if you would have listen to someone else for the same, then you couldn't have done the same changes for yourself. Of course there is no restriction to this, others can always express their opinion on what is right or not but the last one to make the judgement should be the one responsible for the actions.
    What are your thoughts on this? are you the judge of your actions or do other's opinion has greater influence on you?
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    I do agree that we are alone the judge for the good and bad things done by us , but we over look our actions and tend to pretend that we are right. When we are right and done the things rightly, nothing can happen and no one questions, but all our righteous things are not right and there can be wrong also. When the judge is about to take a final decision on the case, he would surely ask the affected person what is the final say. But even then the judgement is reserved and cannot be changed. That means we have to consult our own thought process and consciousness before deciding anything.
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    What is right and what is wrong I think everybody has full knowledge about it. But sometimes, an activity which we are doing is ambiguous and confuse us to do or not do, there are two ways:
    A: What our heart says about it.
    B: We may consult our elders/our well-wishers/experienced people etc.

    This life teaches us bitter lessons. Sometimes, we are too much confident about our qualifications, knowledge, experience and we go for any activity or work or mission, our friends or our family stop from it but we ignore them all and go forward and eventually, we fail to achieve what we wanted, planned and carried out. I have seen some people who went into a deep depression for repentance. This is also wrong.
    I have also done some mistakes for which I still repent if I recall my past. It happens to us and it is normal.

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    If we evaluate and mark all our actions ourselves, we will get 100 marks out of 100. What's in it? There are certain laws that we must follow while living on this earth. Beyond that, there are several unwritten traditions and moral values. How can all this be preserved if everyone begins to adjudge their doings as right?

    Anyone who creates something that is not right according to the law is purely wrong. The perpetrator will not admit that it is wrong for any reason. Many people make many mistakes not knowing that they are wrong. Therefore, they will not have any mental anguish in that act. That is why you do not feel guilty. Those who knowingly make mistakes are taking advantage of it and gaining something. Such actions are right in their eyes. That is why such acts are judged by the law. Therefore, it is not enough for the doings of each person to be judged by him or her alone, it must be judged according to its causes and circumstances.

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    There is no doubt that no one person can judge right or wrong because every person decides right or wrong based on their own values. As the author has rightly said that we should judge ourselves for our decisions to be right or wrong because we ourselves make the rules of our life and on the basis of them we do what we think is right, if we ourselves If you do any work by breaking the rules made, it will be wrong, but still, we do it many times because circumstances make us do it. If a person does not bring adaptation in himself according to the time and situation, then he is left behind in life, that is why many times we have to change our own made rules. In such a situation, there can not be a unanimous opinion about right and wrong, so it is better that people stop judging each other and keep focusing on their own deeds.

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    Though there are many people examining our work once it has completed. They would comment in the different ways and they would have their markings for our completed job. We may think that the completed task is not perfect and due consideration was to be given on aspects. We can judge our work in a more rational way and the scope of correction if required is best known to us. It may so happen sometimes that our friends and well wishers are approving our work and give us highest rating but such ratings may not create happiness unless we ourselves are satisfied with our performance.

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    I agree with the author. We are answerable to our inner self. We can evaluate or judge ourselves. We know where we are deviating from rules. We will be seeing the red light on the traffic pole but we try to pass the road without seeing the light. We know that we did a mistake. But we will not agree. If the police take a photo or stop us only we will accept our mistake or fine.
    It is the mentality of the human being to see faults in others and try to criticise them. But they forget that others are also seeing your actions like you observe others.

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    Whenever we do a work or complete an action, people comment on it. Many will comment that we should had done like that or like this while some will say that we did a great job. So, people will make comments depending on their perception and we should take it sportingly. Sometimes some comments are very logical and we simply feel why we should had done that job in that way.
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