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    Disappearance of contents while proceeding for the typing of any subject.

    It appears that typed contents vanish all of sudden and even if I am retyping the same, again the same situation is witnessed. Such repetitions are very embarrassing in nature and the same takes a lot of time and energy to post any content. I was observing the same scenario since January last but its frequency is now on the increasing trend. Kindly this may please be looked into.
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    This happens on the cell phone when we type the contents vanish, but even on desk top two times happened to me three days back and I was annoyed. Normally we type the contents that comes to our mind at the time of sitting before the computer and we never give a thought to save every sentence we type. But suddenly our contents go vanish and cannot be retrieved with back pages. Once I reported this to the ISC sometime back but no concrete responses came. Now after seeing this thread, there seems to stealing of our contents from others and the webmaster should give a thought.
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    I have never witnessed it. But sometimes on my computer, the total internet page is getting vanished. I am thinking this is happening as my laptop is touch screen type and the wrong touch is causing this. I don't know whether this is also due to some problem with the site. Today morning it happened once.
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    The Webmasters have been requested to look into this problem. I am not tech-savvy at all, but on quite a few occasions when I have typed out something, closed the tab and realized that the content was not there when checking back, I hit Ctrl+Shift+T and found that the page on which I had typed the content opened and the text was intact! I did it just now also, with this thread. One thing you should not do is press the back button as this I think makes the earlier typed data vanish.

    Another thing that I wisely learned in the early years of doing online work is to hit the Ctrl+C keys, whether it is a short answer in the forum or some additional text that I added to an article after submission, then Ctrl+V on to a Word doc. So make it a point to do this hereon, especially if it is a good length AE answer or a Forum response.

    Also, in the case of an article, I have this habit of quickly saving it in a Google doc in my email. That way, in the remote chance I do not have time to right away submit my article and when I come online again my laptop had stopped functioning, at least my effort is not wasted.

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    One more thing - as per the browser that you are using, please search online for Tools that are available as add-ons/extension that may help to instantly retrieve data that vanished.

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    The vanishing typed matter has never been experienced. But from time to time a tab called 404 errors comes up. Then when you click on one of the forums in the headline again, the forum returns as a new window. There is no such error notice in it. Another problem is that AdSense ads come to the fore with the concealment of responses and threads. Still, as mentioned above, just clicking on one of the forum's headlines will get new forum responses without any other interruptions. After three days of anonymity, isn't it? Some balance to repair may have with them. Let us wait patiently for the ISC technical team to find and fix them one by one. But I believe that pointing out the problems one by one will be useful for repairing.
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    Thank you all for valuable advice. Let me see if there is any improvement with some of the steps suggested by our members including our ME. Once again, thank you all.

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