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    Let our journeys continue.

    The chemistry of life and the motivation to live is based on the theory "nothing is forever". Experiences and attitudes change over time. Only those who have gone through conflicting experiences can understand the depth of each experience. It is not about how to make life happy, it is about how to deal with happiness and unhappiness without losing self-control.

    Changes in behavior and response are inevitable as time goes on. It is self-deprecating to spend the rest of one's life in the chains of adversity. Travel should be continuous. The journey of life does not have to end at any point of danger or the heights of attraction. Those who walk backward end up with a bunch of old bitter experiences. Let our journeys continue.
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    Nothing is forever and what ever seen with the naked eyes are going to be destroyed one day or the other. When nothing is forever, this negative words would prevent those who want to create a niche for themselves by performance. Because they fear , that their work would go unnoticed without recognition and thus sulk. And what ever seen with the naked eyes are going to be destroyed is so true that every sensible person would believe and his head strong activities or over confidence would subsidize and he would be cut to size. So life is the journey and our steps should be guarded , safe and sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is the name of happiness or sorrow, success or failure, etc, one should be aware of its deeds, whatever you do it should be done by the pure and meaningful purpose that purpose should never hurt anyone because we do not know that when our life give us happiness or unhappy moment. So what we can do is the only thing to live a happy life by our own thinking. When we think positively we feel positive even in any circumstances we do not lose our internal happiness. I too agree with the author that different experiences of life give us many lessons to make ourselves strong and happy.

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    I think the author has written his philosophical views about life. We should take life as it comes. We should not think too much about how to be happy or how to deal with happiness or unhappiness without losing self control. When we take it easy it keeps our head on shoulders in every situation. Sometimes, when we have opulence or riches, we forget the world and engrossed in our small world. We are detached from others. We go into slumbery. Sometimes, we come across some situation when everybody leaves us in lurch , our friends, relatives. Some of us feel dejected because nobody comes closer to have a word of love and cheerfulness. Who'd you spent your money for run away from you lest you should ask for kind of succour from them. These are some faces which realise us what true life is. How this world changes its colours.
    But this life does not stop. It moves on.

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    Nothing is forever. We will be getting good news as well as bad news. We will be happy sometimes and we will be unhappy during some other times. It is normal.
    The day before yesterday night my cousin brother expired. He was getting pain in the abdomen and the local doctor advised him to shift to a city hospital. He started going to the city in a car. He walked out of his house and got into the car without any assistance. It will take 30 minutes to reach that place. After 20 minutes of the journey, he expired. His body was to be removed from the car. You see the change just within 20 minutes of time. The whole family was in a worried mood and the whole night they were weeping. Today the same members started discussing the further journey of their life. That is the effect of time,.Whatever may come. We can't stop our journey. We have to continue the journey accepting whatever comes on our path.

    always confident

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