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    Your opinion on the idea of a QA box option on ISC.

    ISC is a website that binds its members like a team and employees of a company, it is also very fast to respond to every query of our problem as quickly as possible and every role of ISC is commendable. Often new members or sometimes old members have some kind of doubt and there are two options for this, either messaging the concerned person or presenting your question in the form of a thread on the forum.

    Sometimes a query is expected to be resolved by a particular person and for that we opt for the message, but if we ever need an instant response to a query, then it can be a bit difficult, so if chat-box or question-answer box should be added to the site so that the query of the members is resolved by the particular member or editor, then how is this idea?

    This is just an idea of mine, my intention behind this is not to oppose the current processes of ISC. It is true that no other site is as active as the ISC team in providing feedback to its members.
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    Whenever a new member post the the thread, we the members welcome him or her with whole lots site information and the posting guiding lines. Normally the seniors are well informed about this site and the editors are good enough to guide new and old members. In this back drop there is no requirement of Q and A as suggested by the member. When we address a new member, he get happy on seeing our name and the rank we hold. If the same is done through the Qand A process, the personal touch is lost and the new member would be feeling left out. So the present system is good and going.
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    If forum section is open for the members to put up their questions/complaints and receive answers/responses, what is the need for a separate QA box? ISC Members look at the forum messages, and they may not peep into QA box. This is what my opinion about your suggestion for a QA box.
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    The existing Ask Experts section is just like a QA box only. In past, many times it happened that the person who had asked the question was not satisfied with the available answers and again raised a doubt in the same thread and some of the members who had already answered responded to that doubt and tried to clear that. So this thing is not very usual but sometimes we chat in that thread itself until the person is satisfied. Another important thing is that whatever we call it a 'QA box' or 'Ask Experts' the idea is that all the interested members and other viewers should see the things happening in that thread only, well moderated by the concerned editor, so that a holistic answer is obtained when the person who has asked the question goes through all the answers. A one to one chat will not have that large participation and transparency that we are having in the existing system. Anyway if found a better option a call can be taken up by the ISC management anytime to shift the present Ask Experts section to a new QA section.
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    I think there is a difference between QA box and Ask expert section. Probably the author is taking some doubts about the postings on this section and other guide lines regarding each section. Even though there is a help topic section and there are many threads posted by the Editors giving various details, some times we may be getting few doubts. These doubts are being posted these days as a thread and the concerned editor is answering the doubts. Probably I feel the author thought that by placing a Question in a separate area the question can get the attention of the concerned person and give a instant answer. Anyhow I may be wrong in my interpretation.
    However, the ISC think tank can think about this proposal and can make QA box so that the members need not open threads for their small small doubts also.

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