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    One must have the ability to make the right path, even on the wrong road.

    It must have happened to most of us at some time that you are going on a new route, which you are unaware of, and since you are not aware of that path then it is natural that you will also take help from people, most people will tell you the right path. But if one finds someone who also does not understand much about that route and inadvertently leads you to misguide. In such a situation, as soon as we understand that we are on the wrong path, then we stop and think a little, and then we find the right path with our own intellect and with other's help.

    Human is the creation of God who has so much understanding and wisdom that it knows the skill of correcting every wrong and make it right. So when we are looking for new ways, even after going on the wrong path, and we have the ability to find the right path, then why do not we apply this skill in the ups and downs of our life? After all, life is the result of all about these small lessons, which we get from our everyday events and experiences.

    Many times it happens that we inadvertently take a wrong decision and then regret it, sometimes some people even act to mislead us and we go astray, but when we get to know that inadvertently but we have taken wrong decisions or we are on the wrong path then why do we become nervous and in desperation, we lose our wisdom and conscience. Do not lose your temper at such times, rather stay calm and keep quiet for some time and always remember that every path is right if you have the skills to reach the destination.

    One way is never lonely, many more roads lead out of that one way, so if you search, you will find the right path even on the wrong way. Human has made great discoveries in this world, then it is just a search for the right path. Every element of this planet is ready to help you, for this, you just think, trust in your God, recognize your inner powers and then move forward when we grow with faith like this so we get the right thoughts and right people even on the wrong path, who help us to reach the right path.

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    Topic based TOW contest for May 21
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    The human feet stamp is so strong that if we keep on walking even on thick grass, that would be made as thin road to lead to the destination. That means even though we are not the sure of destination, the short cut route would create the impressions of our feet. And what is the right path of life and wrong path of life , we can able to gauge at the half of the destination reached. That means one has to move and explore the journey to reach the destination. That may be new, or visited some time back and now changed but when keep moving we are recollect the past and that would be rewarding to reach the destination for sure.
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    Everyone travels in the belief that they are on the right path. But often, when we do not reach the destination after the time we calculated, we think about the way we came. Sometimes, after long traveling, if you have any doubts, tend to ask the people there for directions. But most travelers used to ask for the direction of the route from the pedestrians. That in itself is a wrong move. Many of the pedestrians we meet on the way are not even the locals. So the route we ask for maybe alien to them. But they are also human beings like us, and they will tell you a route in the false notion that it would be bad for them to say they do not know. That path will not get us to where we need to be for any reason. Whenever you feel misguided, decide to ask only those who know you clearly so that you can reach your destination without much difficulty. Then another doubt may arise. It may be who knows the way. In such situations, the God Almighty will help us if we fully surrender ourselves to Him.
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    When someone is in an unknown place he should ask several people about the right path. The best way to know the right path is that something should be purchased from any shop and ask the shopkeeper to guide. Asking any random passerby may lead you to the wrong path too, because someone he may move his finger in any direction despite not knowing which the right path is. It happened to me in the past several times. It commonly happens with everyone.
    I think we should not misguide any stranger if he asks us about the right path. We should say that we don't know the right path and should tell him to ask someone else.
    Some people are amazing. They create history. Columbus set his voyage for going to India (it is said) but his journey took him to a new land which is known as America. He created history. He and his team were on the wrong path but going astray made them history.

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    These days there is no problem with finding a path to a new place. Google will guide us if we have a smartphone with mobile data on that. We will reach the destination easily without any problem. There is no necessity of taking the help of another person. But please remember Google also misguide us sometimes if we feed improper destination. So again getting the correct reply from the other person depends on how you ask him.
    In the same way, we may be doing wrong things in life. But our efficiency will come out only when we realise our mistakes and correct them without allowing the wrong practices to spread. The wrong practices also depend on our mentality and attitude. If you never check back on your actions you can't find your own mistakes and you may get things complicated and you may reach a stage where you can't correct them.

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    The biggest challenge in our lives is to make a correct decision and then follow that path for further gaining the success. The journey of life is like that and it contains so many unknowns and difficult times and it is not so easy to choose the right path always. So it is imperative that we have to check and scrutinise the progress and failures at every step and take some mid course corrections so that our journey eventually becomes successful.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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