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    Bring this method of school exams in real life as well.

    When studying in school, we were told a very common thing during examinations by every teacher or guardian, which was a piece of advice, to solve the questions first, that you can answer easily and properly in the exam. After that slowly start moving towards difficult questions. This was done because time is restricted and in a short time when we give the answers that we are knowing, then we get confidence, and sometimes due to this confidence, we can answer other questions also correctly.

    Similarly, when our life is progressing at its own pace, we face many challenges and problems, we should also first focus on those problems which we can easily solve first, so that, the confidence that comes from it, gives us the strength to fight more difficult problems.

    Most people are afraid of big problems and big challenges and maintain a full focus on them, in which people often become more tired and underestimate their potential. If we apply that lesson of school in today's life, then we will get new confidence in ourselves.
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    The author has aptly compared examination paper to struggles in life. Perhaps this is the reason that objective type questions are given as the first question in examination paper and most difficult questions are placed as the last questions. It teaches a reality also that knowledge has no importance in the examination hall until that knowledge is shown on answer sheets. Because what is written on the answer sheet decides the level of knowledge of a student and accordingly, he is entitled to get marks.
    Life is full of struggle. Some people face series of problems at every step and some people find their way quite smooth. We should not see the weight of the problem, rather we should see what is more important for us. I agree with the author that solving easy problems first, gives the confidence to solve difficult ones. But sometimes, it also happens in real life when the toughest problem is solved first, the rest of the problems will become very easy to be solved.
    Some ambitious people defeat their strongest enemy first so that they might subdue all easily.

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    A very commendable post from the author. The author said that everyone should be fully included in their lives. Gradually you will not find it difficult to solve big problems as you progress to solve small problems. I was heard at a young age that if you were consuming a very small amount of venom every day, after a while there would be no other problems with the venom if a large amount of venom entered the body or was bitten by a venomous snake. This indicates that the confidence and experience gained from making perfect the small problems enables us to do great things. But don't approach big problems with the ease of dealing with small issues. They need to be approached with the seriousness they deserve. See the current pandemic situation and natural disasters as a trial to increase man's problem-solving capacity. Nothing is permanent. These will pass too.
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    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    If God has given that chance and choice to us, we may live always in a different way. But unfortunately, we have no chance. We can't be doing tomorrow's easy work today and postpone our hard work of today for tomorrow. There are no extra questions and we can't leave certain tasks unanswered. Our life is full of challenges and we have to face the challenge that comes now. But when there are more challenges we can accept one which can be done easily by us. Low lying flowers will be plucked first.
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    I was time and again stating in the forum elsewhere that exam prepartion is the art and easy also. Firstly you must listen to the teacher aptly and write down such information which are not in books and yet connect to the lesson. That way you have already one up in learning . Secondly easy answers are to be remembered and attempted in the exam because they would relieve 50 percent of the tension and marks are for sure. And then go for little hard answers and long answers to which add the knowledge shared by the teacher in the class. This way passing each exam with respectable score is for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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