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    Not only constructions but also demolition is part of the creation

    It is common for one to disappear when the other is created. Moreover, when some are destroyed, another is formed that is brighter. The sculptor is the name given to a person who can carve and wipe out what is unnecessary. This is true not only in sculpture but also in life. Success begins with finding what we want and what we don't want. It is the extra burden of the unnecessary, rather than the lack of the necessary, that causes the loss of mobility and elegance of life. If you're willing to avoid the burden of trivial things that do not help you, that will be the first step to light your unique and great features.

    When one omits what is at hand, even when one realizes that it is unnecessary, the mind becomes a little sad. When you get a new one, you will feel the excitement of having achieved something useful or not. All lives are the form of beautiful sculptures. Rare are those who have been able to bring it out and have tried for it. Every growth story has some unknown losses. All those losses beautify our way of life.
    Everyone should be the stone, the sculpture, and the sculptor.
    Get ready to carve ourselves into a beautiful sculpture.
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    In our mythology, the Brahma is the creator, the Vishnu is nurturer and the Shiva destroyer. That means God has created human beings from the birth to death and that can happen anytime, any place and any way. If God has constructed every human being by giving lots of talent and knowledge, the God also knows how to facilitate the up keep of the person by giving boon and solace moments after the challenging time. And when the term is over the person gets into death mode and that will happen either through prolong disease, sudden accident or the natural dealth. So it is clear that what ever seen with the naked eyes are bound to be destroyed and over within no time and without realizing this great thing, we keep on doing things as if we are going to live for many days and even permanently in this world much to the surprise of ourselves.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we create something new out of the existing matter then the shape and design of the matter changes. In this process the old loses its identity and a new entity emerges out of that creative activity. It is a perpetual process and without destructing or using one thing we are not able to produce another thing. The purpose of a creative activity is always like that to make a new thing out of some old one.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Construction is difficult but demolition is easy. If somebody wants to construct a house it may take two or three months. But to destroy the same building a few hours only are required. But if you are destroying for a better construction it is acceptable. But if we are destroying somebody else's property because of envy it is not a good trait.
    But if we are destroying bad qualities in us that will be good for us and that will help us in our development. So let us all try to leave our bad traits and get good traits so that we will be like a beautiful statue sculptured by a good sculptor.

    always confident

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