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    Hearing loss is one more challenge felt by many

    These days new diseases are on the prowl which is not heard and seen. But after the first wave of the pandemic and now the second wave, people are complaining of hearing loss and that is the new dimension added to problems faced by people across the world. That means the virus is not keeping quiet and it is bound to create one problem or the other for mankind. Have you heard or read about this? Please share.
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    I have not come across any such information regarding hearing loss in the people affected by Covid ailment but many people have got it and more are getting this ailment due to various reasons and it is a serious matter because people become handicapped due to this defect and if one does not hear one cannot function in any way due to cutting off of communication with others. Many people are going for hearing aid or some sophisticated operation to restore the hearing loss. In some cases these things also not help and life becomes much difficult for these people.
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    Yes, I have read about this online. However, it is very rare and not enough research has been done on it. So people do not need to panic. You can refer to-

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    Experts believe and confirming that various diseases in humans are a consequence of the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic. The released Experts believe and confirm that various diseases in humans are a consequence of the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic. The released list of Covid-19 deaths includes only those who died while being Covid-19 affected. Two or three days to one week after becoming the Covid-19 negative, most people succumb to death as a result of respiratory problems. But such deaths are not counted in the Covid-19 deaths.
    Black fungus is now becoming more and more prevalent related to Covid19. Governments have very little medicine for it. That is a big crisis.
    It has now been found that the loss of hair of the people who cured the Covid-19 disease. Deafness can also occur. So far no one has said and heard, which is not strange. Similarly, many other diseases and symptoms may sometimes be detected later. In any case, I think the world is only going to realize how dangerous the nano-virus, Covid-19, is. It is believed that this second wave will be under control in about two to three months. Many mutations of prime Covid-19 are already in the world. But experts say the third wave is more deadly. The scientific community fears that it will arrive in six months.

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    I have not heard any such cases so far. The main problem is that nobody has done any work to understand the virus completely. The virus has not given time to the people to study the nature and what are the harms it can create. Doctors are busy in finding a cure for the virus and then they are busy in finding a vaccine for the virus.
    Meanwhile we are hearing many such things. Another issue happening these days is that any health problem is treated as Corona only. That is creating a lot of confusion. Anyhow we all must be careful and take all necessary precautions as required from time to time.

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    Elders used to tell that earloss is also a heriditory disease but it is seen more these days.
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    Corona disease may reflect many symptoms such as loose motion, respiratory issues. headache, fever, ear losses etc. Though this may not be confirmed fact but I have witnessed such a case of one of relatives having lost his hearing after the corona virus. He is otherwise active after recovery of corona except the loss of hearing.

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    Yes, the author says right, It is true that this time is coming together with so many biological disasters which are not taking the name of stopping. After corona, after the problem of fungus, etc., it seems as if someone is taking the test of mankind, after succeeding in it and new challenges are emerging. Even after surviving the pandemic, many people are facing various problems. Its end is not known but this time is really getting struggling. Even a small carelessness can turn into a big worrying problem.

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