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    Rahul Gandhi says 97 percent Indians become poor due to pandemic

    Probably India is the only country which is not getting any kind of suggestion or cooperation from the opposition and simply go on criticizing every good move of the govt. Now the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that 97 percent of Indians have become poor. If that was the reality, there must have choas and unrest across the country. People are happy and even investing in gold and other assets even during this time. The consumable and vehicles purchase also increased and the purchasing power of people is good. Any comment from your side?
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    It is true that a large number of people have been out of job during the pandemic and the earnings of these people have gone down drastically. Some of them have gone to their villages and are on the mercy of their families or on the savings made by them so far. So, definitely the number of poor people must be on an increasing trend but how this 97% figure has come is not clear. This figure is too high. If it is in the range 20-30% then it makes sense to believe in that. As per various estimates, about 20% of the population of our country was poor before the pandemic. It is possible that another 10-20% might had been added in the meanwhile due to the pandemic.
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    There are many statements and observations being made by the leaders and other important people in the media but until that is substantiated with concrete data we cannot accept that on the face value. There is one item in the news that during 2020-21 the GDP of our country is gone down by about 7%. This data itself shows that GDP is still very high and how can it be high if all the people have become unemployed or lost their earnings. Some people may say that it is due to the atomisation and automatic work done in the factories through robotics and machine advancements. But I do not think that we have progressed so much that we can work without the work force using the robots. In fact in the second wave we have less migration of workforces to the villages from the cities.
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    It is true. In India all those government employees who get salaries have no problem. Most percentage of the people come under unorganized private sector workers and daily wage workers. Private sector is reeling under great pressure as there is no proper work going on due to lockdown. They are not able to pay anything for employees as they are in severe losses. Similarly, daily wage workers have no work to earn any money. For example, lakhs of private school and college teachers reeling under dire hunger as they are not getting salaries due to lockdown in AP. Presently, the central government organization NSO released that GDP has down fallen 7.4% and that is all time low after independence. This clearly indicates what is the economic position of India. Mr.Umesh has gone GDP statistics wrongly and is analysing positively.

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    Rahul G is right with his assessment. 3 percent of Indian population are politicians who are well off 24x7. Remaining 97 percent people are the sufferers with some loss to their wealth. Paagal hai Bechaara.
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    This pandemic has brought poverty to the people and country. Financially, we are too weak. A large number of people who have no job, business and financial activities are on the decline. The price hike of all commodities is out of control. GDP is minus 7.3%. It means our country is poor. All economic sectors are performing poorly.
    Now mustard oil which is commonly consumed in the northern part of the country is being sold @200/- rupees per k.g. whereas it was purchased at Rs 40/- from the farmer. During bad days this mustard oil was sold for less than 50- rupees only. Pulses were sold at about 20-30 per k.g. Vegetables were between Rs 5-10.

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    Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the Modiji government's management of the second wave of COVID-19 has made 97% of Indians poorer. The Chief of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) claimed that the economic impact of lockdowns imposed by different State governments in the second wave has resulted in double digit unemployment in May this year and resulted in 97% people becoming poorer because of COVID. This is what Rahul Gandhi tweeted. The GDP is projected to shrink by 7.7% this fiscal year. If this projected contraction takes place, it will be the India's worst economic performance in more than four decades.

    Many suggestions were given by the opposition parties and experts which were not heeded to. The Supreme Court of India found the vaccine policy faulty and has asked the government to revisit its policy. Nothing so far. A government which is open to suggetions can rectify its mistakes.

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    Neither the court nor Rahul Gandhi has the guts to suggest ways and means to govt.
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    In a democratic set up every politician or citizen of India has the right to express their views, condemn government policies, give suggestions to the government. The SC has the authority to set right the situation if the rule of government takes off the rights of people and if they get cornered.

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    The opposition will always try to criticize the ruling party. They always try to find fault with the government. So we need not worry if they are exaggerating also. Definitely the pandemic has created problems to many people. Many lost their jobs and many are suffering for food. These are the facts. The government is trying to come with maximum possible help.
    The opposition might have come out with constructive ways to improve the economy. They can suggest how to overcome the present situation. But that is not happening. We can point our finger towards others but before doing that let is introspect ourselves.

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    Wake-up authors. It is just the RaGa tweet. Get entertained but do not get panicked.

    Those who are suggesting listening to the opposition parties, I would like to remind them of plea raised to stop Central Vista construction project and the HC dismisses the plea while at the same time the petitioner was imposed of fine of Rs. One lakh saying it a motivated plea and not a PIL and each one of us knew who were behind it.

    I am wondering for those who are still crying of job losses and declined GDP. Respected, maximum of commercial activities are still not operational and this remains the scenario since Mar'20 then what do you expect in terms of job losses and declined GDP?

    The government is doing a good job and as a precautionary measures that we all need to practice is to unfollow who are habitual of propagating negative propaganda in our country and keep maintaining a safe distance of such personalities and activists in order to not to get effected further.

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