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    Can the customers sue online companies for not keeping delivery time?

    Many of us are now forced to order things through the online marketing companies and also through the website of direct companies. Though the date of delivery are normally between four to seven days of placing the order, invariable the tracking ID given by them does not reflect the real movement of the parcel ordered and thus we get invariably delayed material. And during these days they are putting a rider on the order that deliveries likely to be delayed or even cancelled. In that case we cannot trust the online products until they are recieved.
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    If we order goods with standard companies and standard distributors, we do not yet know that no changes have been made in their delivery. Their tracking system would also be very correct. In my experience, I have seen deliveries arrive at least a day earlier than supply time. But many companies are aware that the name is being misused in this way. I have often heard of incidents where even the address on the website may disappear after ordering and paying. The prices they publish and the cost of delivery (if any) are much lower than other companies. Giving such people something is not going to do any good other than losing money. I think the case can be filed. But in their description of the contract, to which we agree, may have included several criteria. So I think it is better not to incur that cost. So currently only deal with standard companies. That is the only thing to do.
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    If we are placing orders in some reputed websites, the delivery is effected in time and the price is competitive. Many orders being placed on Amazon are up to the mark but in case of dissatisfaction, the article not found satisfactory can be returned with a single request. No problem in respect of refund is experienced. That is how the reputed online sites are operating. However on placing orders through the local vendors during this lockdown time, mostly vegetables and fruits are sometimes not as fresh as expected. They take advantage in relation to the price saying that the price has been revised from the earlier ones and we need to pay the inflated price at times. Hence placing orders in a reputed website is always better.

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    The answer is your content only. You mentioned that the companies are cautioning that the deliveries likely to be delayed or even cancelled. With lockdown in many parts of the country, the deliveries are bound to be delayed. Obviously, the companies cannot be sued for delayed delivery.
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    If during the execution of the order online we are told that the items might get delayed and we agree to that stipulation then we cannot complain against that as we are a party to that arrangement. During the present pandemic there are so many uncertainties in the market that the online stores also cannot promise a fixed date due to staff shortage or other bottlenecks so expecting that punctuality from them in this situation would be too much. We should try with other stores once we find that a particular store is delaying for a longer time.
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    Why the customers knowingly well that they would be harrased by online companies during lockdown, keep on booking orders.
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    According to the present situation, problems are coming in every traffic, so it is natural to be a little late. As far as my experience is concerned I have not faced any delay in receiving the product till now, in fact, I have reviewed it before a day but yes this is also true that still many people are facing this problem. No one can be blamed for this more. As soon as the time is favorable again, the conditions will start improving on their own. These days most of the people ordering online products so increasing traffic on their also could be a reason for delay.

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    If a consumer faces any problem he can go to court. If you find any problem you may complain to company's customer care, most probably they will give you compensation but if your complaint is not entertained then you may resort to court.
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    That all depends on the terms and conditions of the agreement. Generally, these companies will keep a Force majeure clause and they will say the traffic is very high and they can't control the traffic and that is beyond their scope. So it is not easy to prove that they are wrong. We have to make a lot of efforts to prove that they are wrong. Ultimately we may not be successful in winning the case. So for small issues unnecessarily going to courts is not at all advisable in my opinion. Go to the standard companies and they normally will be on time.
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    Good question by the author. But the answer from my side is 'sorry'. Most of the online companies are for cheating. I am normally very cautious in such matters but I on some foolish thought have paid money to buy something but later only I realized that website itself a fake one. Since it is very difficult to prove or provide documents it is not possible to sue but if we can contact them if possible and get refund.

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