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    Inernational consensus must on deportation

    We have been watching the drama of some high flying rich persons who committed grave financial frauds and ran away to other countries and sought asylum in the back drop of that country's citizenship and security of not arresting them and roaming free. And Indian law enforcing agencies unable to secure their release or deportation and that is were there is a urgent need for International consensus to deport any person who committed fraud and he should be handed over to the concerned country without anything asked. Will that happen in future.? PM Modi must initiate.
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    India has entered into agreements with major countries to extradite criminals. But we do not have such an agreement with many small countries. It can have many meanings. That is why such an agreement has not been made with them. Moreover, it has never been the norm for big businesses to borrow large sums (thousands of crores of rupees) from banks, make it an NPA, and run away to another country. It is also necessary to find out whether this program, which is leaving the country without repaying the big loans, has any connection with government experts. In the past, fleeing was to larger countries. But since there was an agreement with them to extradite the criminals, it was common for those caught there to return or be forcibly brought back. That is why they are now fleeing to smaller countries that do not have such agreements. This problem will be solved if all such agreements are made to such countries also, but many other problems may start with it.
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    Sometimes, I go to Tehsil for any work. Those villagers who have taken loan from various banks but have not paid loan amount back to respective banks, their names have been written in bold letters on the big wall of the Tehsil. This loan amount ranges between 50k to 3lac. We dont know how many rich people have taken loan from banks and have not paid yet. These big names like Nirav Modi, Mehul chowksi, Vijay malliya etc have migrated to other countries. I dont accept they could run away from the country through tight airport security and on duty officers could not catch them? How they could manage to run away from India is a mystery for common people. Will they ever be brought back to India to face trial? I dont know.

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    Due to the international boundaries and mutual agreements between the countries to respect their citizens sometimes the procedure of bringing back the financial criminals back to the country of the origin becomes a tough task and India is facing the same problem right now in respect of these people who have simply enjoyed the Govt loan money and disappeared from the scene. The procedure is complicated because the involvement of two countries having different set of rules and regulations and these clever people know all these loopholes and enjoy their lives elsewhere with our public money. What is required is to formulate some more stringent laws for the high value loans where the loan should be given in the name of the joint entity like wife, children etc so that all cannot escape from the country and whoever remains is to be imprisoned till the others come back to India. Some innovative ways are to be found out to punish these people so that in future no one can do such frauds. It is also necessary to lien all their property whichever they go on adding with the loan docents so that recovery can become a reality.
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    When banks in India is so strict about collecting their dues, they are unable to break ice on out of country customers.
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    Why should we sanction loans so freely without checking the facts properly. Why can't we add strength to these rules. Before thinking about the village one should think about his own house. The question is why we should allow him to go there. Let the government think of making rules of the land more stringent and see that the loan should be given only based on the securities they are providing for getting the loans. Let them see that the people who are defaulting payment will not run away. Once we make these rules strong we will definitely see a change. Then if necessary we can think of negotiations with other countries.
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    The author has discussed an important topic, in the last several years we have seen many such fraudulent people who are living comfortably in India after going to other countries. Rules are made by different countries keeping in mind the benefit of citizens of different countries or their own citizens, it does not mean that people start carrying out their dirty intentions under the guise of these rules. I agree with the author that such fugitives should be surrendered by other countries back to their concerned country at the earliest because they deserve punishment.

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    For nabbing these culprits international cooperation is must and until a consensus is formed nothing is going to happen in the direction of bringing these defaulters back home for charging them and punishing. These people are very clever and somehow get the citizenship of a foreign country which never tells them to leave and go to India. This has become a tedious work to punish these people.
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    My request to the author to correct the typo at the beginning of the title. It should be International.

    Now, if a defaulter runs away to a country with which we do not have a good relationship that country will not cooperate with us to deport the defaulter. Rather than a consensus by many countries, I think taking their cases to an international court, specially created to tackle such issues between different nations, like the International Court of Justice can be taken into account. When we are thinking about consensus it becomes a number game. That means, out of an n number of countries you have to gain a consensus of say n-5. Some countries may not give consensus on some issues because of their own agenda which will again pose a hurdle. In such cases, an international court can be a good option.


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