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    SC is angry over Central government over vaccination policy

    Supreme Court directed Central government to submit an affidavit on vaccination policy and it find severe lapses that affect the whole country. It questioned the procedures of vaccination procurement and distribution, cost difference between different vaccines, allowing state government to procure vaccines through global tendering, registeration procedure to be followed for vaccination in villages, vaccination policy for 18 years peopleetc. Till now vaccination program is concentrated only on people above 45 years but what about people who are suffering in huge number below 45 years? Is allowing state government's to go for global tenders is the central government,s policy? The policy followed by Central government for vaccination is under great confusion. The SC asked the Central government to submit answers to these questions in the form of an affidavit. Do you think the Central government has failed in its vaccination program?
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    Supreme court must understand that India planned for huge vaccine program after the first phase gone subsidized, and by time the vaccines were yet to be produced, the second phase started thereby making govt to first take care of health workers and elders. And by the time this was taking off very well. the youth among India got infected to much extent and want to be vaccinated. But the shortage of vaccines for the elders faced the worst sitautions and even today the second dose to the elders were not over. However India told the court that by December this year everybody would be vaccinated and daily 90 lakh vaccines would be done. It is the huge task, less manpower, India is grapling with demands from small countries to help them, so court must see all these before coming down on the govt over vaccine policy.
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    The Supreme Court very well understood the ineffective management of the covid pandemic by the government. It observed that the vaccination policy of the government which allows dual pricing by the vaccine makers and also the procurement policy are very much flawed. The Apex Court has now asked the Central Government to place before it the complete data on the government's purchase history of all the vaccines until today. It also asked the government to produce all Documents and file notings on the Vaccination Policy. It also observed that the different procurement process for Centre and States, was "detrimental to the right to life and health" and had urged the Centre to revisit the same.

    The Supreme Court of India is trying to set right the faulty process adopted by the government. There is no transparency and the government is not making public why the differential pricing of vaccines for States and the Central government is adopted.

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    Instead of getting angry over the govt vaccine policy, the court could give inclusive directions because this pandemic is new to everyone and the govt is no exception.
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    The Supreme Court is asking the government to clarify regarding the changed vaccine policy and also about the Rs 35000 crore allotted in the budget to procure vaccines. It is asking the government as to how much is spent so far and why the remaining amount be used to vaccinate people aged between 18 to 44 years group free of cost. The government has to come clean about the intended policy but nothing transparent is coming out. For the good of the country and the people, the government should listen to sane advice given by the courts and experts.
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    I don't think the central government is having any corrupt practice in this entire show. There may be a problem in estimating the total requirements and production capacities. Initially many has not come forward for vaccination. At that time as there is no storage capacity they might have slowed down the production.
    Now supreme court asked the central government certain clarifications. Let us see what are the explanations from them. Facts will come out. Instead what we are trying to take sides. If the facts say that the central government's policy is not correct then nobody can rescue the government.

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    Supreme Court has been keeping an eye on how the government is defeating coronavirus. Supreme Court has taken suo moto cognizance earlier also. then the government told the court not to advise the government on the vaccination issue , now again SC has asked the central government to clarify some more points.
    A bench comprising Justices D.Y. Chandrachud, L. Nageswara Rao and S. Ravindra Bhat observed, "Hence, due to the importance of vaccinating individuals in the 18-44 age group, the policy of the Central Government for conducting free vaccination themselves for groups under the first 2 phases, and replacing it with paid vaccination by the State/UT Governments and private hospitals for the persons between 18-44 years is, prima facie, arbitrary and irrational."
    Further, SC questioned about Rs 35,000 crore allotted for procuring vaccines. "how these funds have been spent so far and why they cannot be utilised for vaccinating persons aged 18-44 years?"

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    Even with all its limitation and non cooperation from various states India has successfully vaccinated 22 crore people given the fact that this feat could be achieved even during the second phase of virus is on. Just imagine the shortage of man power and frontline workers owing to new challenges and in spite of it we could able to achieve this great success and only problem the govt is facing is the compulsion registration through vaccine app to which the rural India is not that informed and trained and therefore here the state govt should help out the center to organize volunteers at the district level to facilitate cowin registration.
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    The vaccination process for a country like India where the population is too large could be a little bit tough but the supreme court is always there for human rights and this is one's right to get the vaccine as soon as possible. India's government and even all other responsible departments should encourage this process so the vaccination did for a big number of population. There is no doubt that the government also working on their level but now the situation is that when they should increase their level.

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    If the Supreme Court wants to criticize the Central Government, will there be any reasons for it and some omissions? The anger and criticism of a responsible constitutional institution cannot be said to be in vain. The Supreme Court has made some very serious references.
    The Supreme Court asks the Central Government three main questions:
    1. Rs 35000 crore allocated in the budget for Central Vox, how has it been spent so far?
    2. Where are the details related to the purchase of Covishield, Covaccine, and Sputnik V vaccines?
    3. How many people are eligible for getting free vaccines as per the central norms and how many of them have been given?
    In addition, the court has issued an interim order reviewing the central government's covid vaccine policy. In India, with a population of 140 crores, (the UN estimation) that more than 60% (more than 84 crores) are 18+ aged people. In that 22 crores have been vaccinated is not commendable. Not only has no state objected to giving the vaccine to the people, but it is also putting pressure on the central government to get the vaccine for their needs.

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    This was an unprecedented situations and it was definitely a difficult job for Govt to manage vaccines for so many people at one go. In spite of all odds Govt tried to do its best but there could be some shortcomings in the implementation and execution and it is not for the first time that such lapses are happening. We all very well know and have enough past experience that such lapses are very common in Govt sector where people try to fix responsibilities on others and also there are some corrupt people who try to make money out of this situation. The net outcome of such practices is bad management and naturally the ruling regime will be taken as responsible for all the mess that has been created. Ruling regime, whoever it is, has to answer the questions that will be asked by the public as well as the opposition parties. In this case as SC has asked these clarification and the Govt has to give the answer in black and white in clear ways and once that is received by the SC, we will also come to know about it as SC has asked these things on behalf of the citizens of this country. SC is empowered to do these things either based on a public petition or even can do it suo moto whenever it feels right to do so.
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    Can anyone give the rationale behind the revised vaccine policy? Initially, 90% of the vaccines produced in the country were given to the Government of India(GOI). The rate was Rs 150/dose. At that time the Serum Institute gave a statement that at that rate , it was making some profit. From May 2021, the vaccine policy was changed. The vaccine-making companies were allowed to fix the price. 50% of the production goes to GOI at old rates. Of the 50% of the remaining production, 50% can be purchased by the States, and the other 50% to hospitals. In effect, 25% can be purchased by State governments and the other 25% by private hospitals. Can anyone give the rationale behind this changed policy? Why the vaccine makers were allowed to fix the price? Is it good for the country and the huge population that is to be vaccinated as early as possible? Can anyone of those with a soft corner for the government answer my question? I want a straight answer. These are the questions, the Supreme Court is also asking.
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    The fault is onbehalf of central government. Most of the people think that governments are showing subjection from giving vaccination to all the people in the country. No one questions about the nature of central government in providing vaccination. Therefore, courts are involving to protect the rights of the people. One more thing that here to be stressed that whether all the people are taking care about following precautions against this pandemic situation. As a developing country, whether our country could afford such a huge task infront of it. Same circumstances are being faced by the central government in providing vaccination to all the people.

    Supreme court is asking central government about the policy that is being followed by it. Inappropriate production of vaccines causes at afar to the people's interest towards the government. In addition, they alleged the government as it supplied the vaccines to foreign countries in the gap of first and second waves.

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    It is not a bad idea to be familiar with the developments in relation to the progress of the vaccination going on in the different states. Again there was a huge difference of their prices of the two variants Covishield and Covaxin being charged by the private hospitals from places to places in the same city. In some cities the people having the age group of 18- 44 are being administered vaccinations but the senior citizens having availed of the first vaccination are being denied the second dose for want of vaccination.
    Hence Supreme Court is interested to know the exact status being adopted in the following situation. At least such an intervention would streamline the procedure.

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