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    Is cancelling 12th board examination a right decision?

    12th board examinations are cancelled for the session 2020-21. I am also student of this batch and felt very bad when I heard the news. Year long we prepared a lot for the examination and never felt any difference between normal school and virtual classes and coaching. Same frequency of tests were taken. This decision on one hand appears like injustice with me and many like me, as examinations are true judge of capability of student. But on other hand I feel that all concerned authorities have taken this decision for betterment of youth of nation. We have all the resources for preparation but I heard a lot in news that there exists many villages where there is no electricity connection, so how can we expect that children there have internet connectivity for virtual classes. So such decision is favourable for them. What did you all feel, is it right to cancel examinations or not?
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    Though the cancellation of exam was not done intentionally by the board and they did gone through so many meetings and feedback, what I was also feeling the pinch of those performers who are the ranker from the beginning and now every one treated as average and made to pass. For the performers the board must give a befitting result taking into consideration their past best performance as the base for announcing results, otherwise it would be laughing stock for the students who were toiling all through the year with preparations and now the exams stands cancelled.
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    In this present precarious situation, the Board has taken the right decision. All the other State boards that opted for the 12th examination later have to follow this way. Really, many families in India have faced acute trouble due to the second wave of Corona and that is the result of the carelessness of the people, political parties, politicians, and governments. in following the rules and regulations of the pandemic. In AP and many states, large number of children were left without parents. In AP, government is depositing 10 lakhs each for their survival. Corona is spreading simply through marriage functions where whole village people were found to be corona positive after marriage. So in such situations, health is more important than examinations. CBSE board already announced that any student they wish to write exams can write after the pandemic. This is really a good decision. Vaccination is the main weapon to get some protection from this pandemic.

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    There is a saying from Bhagwat Geeta that is "Whatever you learned does not go in vain". This whole year was very challenging for the education system not only for teachers but for students also, school management and organization tried their level best to provide education and all facility to the students by online study. But now the situation is more challenging and it would not be safe to conduct examinations at this level, apart from that online exams are also not a fruitful solution for this problem. I understand that you feel bad as you were preparing for the last year, but you already aware of the situation, and after the effect of the second wave of the pandemic, the discussion is rightly taken by the administration. Students should not be disappointed and be confident that they will get many more best career options in the future when the situation of the world will be normal.

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    I feel the decision is correct. No doubt students who prepared well will definitely feel bad. But one has to see the condition of the majority of the people. Many students are not having the privilege of having smartphones, internet connection and other facilities. They are not able to read . Hence for them postponement is correct.
    These days the pandemic is very severe and many people are dying also. As such government can't conduct examination in physical mode and virtual mode also is difficult. Hence there is no other option than cancelling the examinations.

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    This decision was the need of the hour. With the ongoing pandemic, scarcity in infrastructure , it would have been extreme trouble to conduct examinations at such wider scale with the prescribed protocol. Also it would not have been a wise decision to shift/postpone the same, as last year class 12th exams got postponed to an outcome being cancelled, a result of which the whole college admissions got postponed, the colleges and universities following semester system are lagging almost 6 months behind, and students still struggling to figure out hat has happened to their career. Still not commenting whether it was right or not, because definitely it is unfair at the part of students who have been preparing for the same since a year. All the best for your future college life. Enjoy.
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    The decision of deferring the examination was due to the present adverse circumstances and safety of the students was the topmost priority for the authorities conducting the examination. However, the frustration among some students is very natural since they were considered the best performers by their teachers. In fact they were showing brilliant performance in their classes prior to lockdown. They would be treated at par with the average students once the results are declared.
    The authorities should see it in that perspective and some benchmarks should be done before final grading is decided so that the brighter ones enjoy their due share.

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    Before coming to the issue raised in this post, I am happy to see that you, a student of class XII, are contributing nicely in this educational and knowledge sharing portal and I wish you a good time in ISC. Coming to the cancellation of the exam, such decisions are actually taken after considering many factors and taking due diligence. The present pandemic is very uncertain in its nature and as soon as we remove the lockdowns and allow intermingling of the people it again starts propagating in a faster pace. So in this situation any decision will be a matter of criticism and some people say that we have to take risks also while others might advise to play safe. Some students who are brilliant and meritorious may not be feeling well with this arrangement but sometimes we have to accommodate and adjust with the decisions taken in larger interest. Let us hope that the present situation is resolved in the coming times and then the usual examination and assessment would start.
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