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    Live your life with your choice and not with the chance.

    It is said by an author that we are all just living life, the days become months and then months to years, but looking back many times, we can see how purposeful life was actually and whether we could make it as purposeful or not. The meaning of life is not just to breathe, to spend a day, but to make life better by knowing and refining yourself every day. By taking time for ourselves, identifying ourselves, we live life in the true sense. Instead of living life to show others, if we live this life as a precious gift, then maybe we will not have any kind of regrets at the last moment. Give yourself time to choose your own path and then move forward on those paths and choices, rather than waiting for a particular chance.
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    I appreciate this view about life. I think we should spend our live with positive thinking while improving ourselves as good human beings ; and good human beings are considerate for others also. We should be responsible enough about our actions instead of finding loopholes to escape from any blame. Constructive efforts are always difficult than destructive efforts, therefore, we should exert for constructive activities instead of destructive ones. We should spread peace and harmony instead of chaos and hatred. Every positive effort has an importance and especially in this dark age when mayhem and disorder have perched firmly on mindset of some people and truth is being suffocated; and injustice is no more injustice around the world, in this situation raising the flag of justice, honestly and harmony is praiseworthy.
    Life is beautiful we should not make it ugly. We have lots of problems around us. We should face them all being cool. Be happy and let others be happy too.

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    We all want to live our life with our choice and if any chance comes in between we may have to change our life for the good of future. One of my relative was working in a private company Delhi. He has a old couple friend to who he used to visit and help them. The old person was ailing and was on the bed and this relative would help them some way or the other. Moved with this gesture , those old people does not have the children and they adopted him. When the old person died, his govt job was tranfered to this boy my relative and thus he got the govt job by chance and never even thought of. Having got that good chance. he used to stay with with old lady and she looked after him as her son. One day she also died and now my relative is the owner of the house, got the govt job and asked his parents to shift to Delhi for good of all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. That is great. We should have our own choices. We should see that our choices will be achieved. I spend my major life like that only. I struggled to get the education I wanted. Then I struggled to get the job I wanted. Then I struggled for the career I aimed. All are my choices only. But I am not feeling great. I always feel that God helped me in attaining my life of my choices. Even when I told about my choices some people shouted on me also. But I never got worried. I went ahead. I worked hard and I received help from the almighty.
    People who are having faith in their abilities will go for their choices. But people who are having doubt in their abilities will think of chances.

    always confident

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    Life is a big mystery and we do not know about its twists and turns. There are many people who simply accept the terms of the life and do not plan or make efforts for a better future. They feel that whatever they do nothing is going to happen. That is actually a negative thinking and we must come out of that situation in our lives and try to make our own choices for making our career and a prosperous future. No one will make decisions for us in our lives, no one will make choices for us for progressing ahead and it is imperative that we have to learn making our own choices in our lives and when we make our own choices then only we will be really interested to pursue them as that will be a challenge to us only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We must have a good purpose in life. Life must be a journey to a goal. In that life journey, not only joys but also stones, thorns, and hardships are all mixed. We must make a decision that our life will not end as a birth that is to push out the days, months, and years. Don't go living for someone. We must not be afraid of the ailments and diseases that come as uninvited guests during this journey. If the goal is good, there will be plenty of people to help and co-operate. Life can reach its goal if it can move forward by not converting happy occasions into much delight and do not be discouraged by the sorrowful moments. But if we have a bad purpose and intention in life, a few will join us in helping us until we realize it, but they will all back off once they realize the reality of things. Then we will be alone, without cost to anyone. So let our purpose and intention of life be good.
    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    Yes, let us exploit the situation coming in our way with the positivity. It is your life and you are the best judge how to pass the same. Take up any assignment which does not pinch you and you are regretful for the same. If it is connected with any job benefiting others with your efforts, it is certainly an ideal choice. It can be anything right from serving foods in the street to your reporting to a duty in a steel plant. Such jobs are meant for the welfare of the entire community. However, make a note of it, you may lack cooperation of other sometimes and you might face some constraints in your current job. Tackle the same with patience and even you can discuss such issues with your friends so as to have timely guidance. Never be stuck up with the obstacles, you can resolve the issues with your determination.

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