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    Faith must be unquestionable and beyond any doubts

    Faith in God or a friend is not just a figurative word or expression. Even when a person claims to believe blindly, the thin strands of suspicion that he/she maintains, creating gaps in all relationships. No matter how great is the relationship, there are self-justifications that everyone finds within their selfishness. They are all the delinquencies about those we believe in, and also our self-justifications. When faith is tested, even in the manifestations of faith at the outside, understand that the particles of unbelief have existed in the inner inside.

    When one fully trusts oneself, he/she believes not only in other's skills and abilities but also in weaknesses and inadequacies. Instead of insisting that they must do what we want to do, they should be allowed to do what they know best. Faith that has been built up over the years is shattered by a moment, not by the emotion of that single moment. It is caused by unbelief that has existed from the beginning and is hidden within. Undoubted trust can only arise from relationships that are free from complaints and conditions.
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    Faith is something that we have on anything once we belief in that thing as per our perception. If faith is based on the fundamental principles of honesty and belief then it may sustain for a long time. A person should have a deep and solid conviction before he or she starts having faith in any entity. Even having faith in God is categorised in that class. Faith based on wrong postulates or blind faith is not a desirable trait as it will create pain in our lives when our faith in anything or on any entity is shattered once the true revelations come in open.
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    Surely faith is unquestionable and beyond any doubts if the person believes his own faith and has full confidence in it. But the problem comes when other faiths try to interfere and even interpret the other faith in bad taste and that makes the person to respond either positvely or negatively. Moreover the person always has much importance to money and he is ready to question his own faith by accepting the money. And I have seen many who drifted from one faith and embraced another faith and again continuing old faith. That means they are confused because others made them confused.
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    Faith should be unquestionable. But it is a two way process. I have faith in you. You should also have faith in me. Then only it goes smoothly. If faith is one-sided then it will become questionable.
    I had a friend. I had a very good faith in him. I used to discuss with him everything with 100% openness with a faith in him. But after sometime I realized that he is not maintaining the secrecy required. Then I lost faith in him and I slowly get distanced from him.
    Faith in the abilities of other person will come with close association and observation. Once we move closely with a person we can understand him fully and we know his abilities. But we should not expect beyond his capabilities. Then only our confidence in him will stregthen.

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    God itself also teaches human beings through many spiritual means that we should do our actions keeping full faith in that supreme power. This trust should not be limited to speaking only, but we should awaken this trust from the depths of our mind. It is also said that trust in God should be something like a small child has on his mother and when it is thrown in the air, he is happy because he is sure that his parents will keep him safe. But do we really trust God so much, in every problem we get nervous, and with this our faith also starts to shake, when something good happens then our faith starts increasing. Perhaps most of the human beings increase and decrease their trust on that supreme power depending on the circumstances of their life, but the truth is that either trust is there or not, the trust in which there is doubt will not be considered as trust.

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