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    Do you have the courage to catch the snake with bare hands ?

    In the villages and big towns which are abetting to forests and lake beds are prown to snake menace and across India we see many snakes entering the home, sitting pretty on the scooter dicky, or round with the car wheels. While the pet dogs which are guarding the home during the night would not allow the snake to enter and they would chase them away, but snakes do come from the rat holes aleady created and thus we are caught unaware at the house. But there are people who would handle the snakes with bare hands and would not kill them. What is your experience in this. Have you ever caught a snake ?
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    Snakes are not common in the home or on sidewalks. The elders said that they did not come across on the sidewalks, main roads, and residential areas because of the movement (sound of footsteps) of people. However, snakes are rarely found in residential areas in a run targeting any prey. The possibility of such arrivals sometimes reaching car sheds and front porches and thus into rooms and backyards cannot be ruled out.

    If anyone sees a snake in such areas, no one usually dares to catch it with bare hands, and they get ready to chase that snake away anyway. If there is someone who is trained to catch a snake, they may sometimes catch the snake by hand. The first step in catching a snake is to identify the venomous and non-venomous snakes. As well as their methods of attacking. At the same time, they catch the snake only after pressing on the head of the snake with a stick with a 'V' shaped shield at the front top edge. Most people are not trained to do this, so instead of catching a snake, they chase it away or beat it. But spraying kerosene and sprinkle crushed garlic around the house (because of their smell) has been heard as a means of keeping snakes away.

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    Snake is not a pet animal but a dangerous animal that normal people can keep such friendly behavior with snake at any time. People who live in the villages or forest probably take training for that environment from childhood. Still, I have one experience which I can share, in my area a festival is celebrated which is known as Nag Panchami. On this special day, many snake charmers go from house to house carrying a snake in a basket and people worship that snake. When I was a child, I saw snakes at home many times on nag Panchami, even touched them, and worshiped it, but this practice has been banned for some time because it threatens the safety of the snake. By the way, the snakes that the snake charmers used to take from house to the house do not have poison in its body, it is believed that.

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    People generally fear the snakes due to their poisonous nature though all the snakes are not poisonous. Snakes move very fast gliding on the ground or slanted objects and can escape and vanish in no time. Generally they do not attack us until we tease them or mistakenly put our foot on them. Catching a snake with bare hands is not an easy task and requires some practice. First with the help of a long rod one has to make it move in a desired side and then very swiftly catch its tail in the hand and hang it away from ones body and in that situation the snake becomes totally inactive except trying to raise its head up in futile attempts. The person who can manoeuvre this quickly can only catch a snake and one should not try it until one has learnt it well. The snake catchers know these tricks and catch the snakes swiftly and keep them in a bag or special containers. Many wild life enthusiasts know how to catch a snake and they catch it and transfer it to a container, bag etc. I have seen some people catching the snake in a very proficient manner.
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    No. I never touched any snake with my hands. But I have seen people handling snakes as they like. I have seen one snake show in Hyderabad Zoo wherein they are explaining the points required to handle the snakes. But we should have that mental strength. In villages there are many people who hold the snake with their hands and throw them out. But they can identify the type of the snake. They decide how to handle it based on the type of the snake. Some snakes are very poisonous and they should be handled very carefully.
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    Who can take snakes in hands or catch them with bare hands? I think nobody except snake -charmer or trained people. Snake is a dangerous reptile. It is always dangerous to come close to it. Generally, snakes do not enter the home. However, it is always necessary for us to protect our home from snakes.
    Some people are not scared of snakes. A long time ago a Bengali man was working with me in a company. Somebody said that there is a snake on the lawn. Some of the employees were standing there and the snake was lying on the ground. When our Bengali colleague heard it he went there. He came closer to it, the snake didn't move. He watched its hood for a few seconds and all of sudden he moved his foot and conculcated on its hood and killed it.

    Those tribes or rustic people who eat snakes catch them easily. I have seen several videos of such people.

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    No, I neither have the courage nor would do such a thing. In fact, it is not something easy as a snake is slippery and before you can even try to get a hold of it, it will either escape or bite you, and it would be horrible if it was a poisonous one. I think, though, that the courage would instinctively emerge if the snake was attacking somebody and you wish to save that person instead of standing as a mute spectator.
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    I never saw sanke entering my house, but I remember that one at my school when I was in 4th standard, a snake entered and we all were shocked to see it. Then our school authorities called forest rangers, who are ao much trained at this, that they were able to catch it within seconds. Then they told us that this snake is acting lazily because it had eaten some other creature recently and would not react. They even allowed us to touch it by holding it in a tricky way, I was very frightened once but really it did not reacted. But without them we can not do such things as it might be risky.

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